Kitchen Remodel Completed (December 24, 2019)

Kitchen Remodel Completed (December 24, 2019)

Happy holidays! The kitchen remodel has been completed (finally)! It’s been awhile since the last update, and a lot has been going on.

Since the previous post, we’ve certainly come a long ways…


We finally got to this part.

kitchen remodel countertop cut

With the benefit of hindsight, I’m now well aware that I was ill-prepared for the mess that was in store for me during the countertop installation.

kitchen remodel dust BGC

To say the unit became a mess during the kitchen remodel process would be a HUGE understatement!

kitchen remodel mess

But nevertheless, yours truly did the best that he could to enjoy the process.

kitchen remodel cleaning

Luckily, I had some help with the cleaning.

kitchen remodel more cleaning

Yup, I even had to pick up some tools (that I had previously never anticipated having to buy).

Lots of patch up work and re-painting had to be done.

kitchen remodel patch up work

Like, for example…

kitchen remodel painting

Really, as a part of the scope of work, the contractors/design center that I hired were responsible for all the touch up work required to get the apartment back to stuff, but as I’ll get into more details later, customer service left a lot to be desired.

In other words, we had to do a lot of work ourselves.

kitchen remodel sanding

And once you get started, you might as well fix even more stuff that is “wrong” with the apartment unit.

socket tester wrong wiring

So, yup, I’ve definitely been busy with home renovation stuff this past month, particularly with items related to the kitchen remodel.

It’s been a lot of fun, though, so no complaints!

I mean, there is a sense of satisfaction when you’re able to inherit something like this…

And polish and shine it back up to this…

Not a sales pitch, but Domex ftw (cheap and efficient)!

Even had to search for some harder-to-find parts (because the stock parts that came supplied broke).

Also, I was running around town trying to locate some products that are a lot easier to find back home in the states.

Finished Product

Hopefully all the work and effort was worth it!

Here’s a more zoomed in image.

Elba range hood + induction cooktop.

kitchen remodel Elba appliances


Fortunately, I was able to complete let’s say ~99% of the kitchen remodel just in time for a family lunch, a few days before Christmas!

kitchen remodel lunch meal with family

FINALLY, a functioning kitchen for some home-cooking!

Fresh fish, I missed this!

Here’s some more home-cooking dishes for you.

Noodles with shrimp and veggies.

Fried rice.

More fresh fish.


Even some fresh watermelon juice.

Cheers ya’ll!

As you can see below, I’m slowly but surely stocking up the shelves…

kitchen remodel stock food cabinet

Finding the Right Items

So, with all that said, the kitchen remodel has now been completed, and I’ve definitely learned a lot.

For starters, I’m pleased to report back that although at times it can be difficult trying to locate certain desired items (e.g., Panasonic illuminated light switches, see below), thanks to the internet and websites such as Lazada, it has made the whole process infinitely easier.

kitchen remodel new Panasonic illuminated Slim Art light switch

In other words, although I’m no longer living in California, I’ve still managed to hunt down and purchase many of the same (or very similar) items that I would have back home during the process of a home renovation.

home renovation power meter
The next best thing to Kill A Watt?

Really, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much (if anything) living here in BGC.

And that’s a really AWESOME feeling.

The “Bad” Stuff

However, as mentioned earlier, as it pertains to the actual home renovation, I feel like the customer service I received was rather subpar…

Even as we speak now, I’m still waiting for the contractors to come back to finish some touch up work (i.e., some of the base drawers aren’t closing all the way, baseboards have yet to be sealed, etc.).

Unfortunately for me, as a part of our arrangement, I made 100% payment upon delivery and installation of the kitchen cabinets and countertop, and well, after that, it sucks to be me…

I’m not sure if that’s standard fare out here in the Philippines, but so far my experience has been if you pay somebody in full, you better expect for the customer service to nosedive immediately following that event…


Perhaps, but I doubt it…

Lessons Learned

Most likely, I was too trusting and naive, as I expected the contractors to honor their end of the contract and still continue working diligently (even after full payment) to finish off my kitchen remodel to 100% completion.

That simply wasn’t the case…

Once the countertop went in, the sink was verified OK (not leaking), and $$$ was paid out, these guys basically said “sayonara” to me.

Communication since then has been scarce (yes, I realize it’s the holidays, so I am cutting these folks some slack), but I guess the biggest insult dished out to me is that nobody has ever felt the need to say “sorry” to me…

For all these on-going delays…

It definitely feels more along the lines that I’m just being blown off now that the bulk of the work has already been completed.

No, I didn’t get scammed, but in all honesty, I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth…

When this process first started, I really wanted to write a glowing review and recommendation for these guys…

Now, obviously, I can’t do it…

In the future, I need to be more stern and less “nice” when dealing with contractors. Further, making full payment before 100% of the work has been completed is just asking for trouble!


This kitchen remodel wasn’t a great experience, even though I will say I’m pleased with the materials delivered and the overall scope of work.

From the beginning.

kitchen remodel starting point bare bones

To the makeshift configuration.

Interim “just getting by” setup

To the preliminary outline.

kitchen remodel proposal BGC

To the end product.

Final Outcome

Still, as it pertains to customer service, I expected (much) better.

Just trying to be straight up with everyone…

But all things considered, I’m in a jovial mood, and looking forward to better days ahead!


Happy holidays everyone!


Keep up the fight!

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9 months ago

Haha contractors (cowboys) must be the same the world over…. Always retain 10-15% until snagging closed out! Place looks great, merry Christmas!!