Personal Residence #1 – Kitchen Decisions (April 14, 2019)

As I mentioned in previous posts, I might elect to save the kitchen remodel until later this year, possibly in the fall season, since I have plans to return to California soon. In any case, I allocated a portion of time over the last few days to take a look at some of the kitchen options available to me… And who knows, if I can locate a good enough deal, I might just elect to bite the bullet and complete the task sooner rather than later…

Back in the day when I used to renovate properties in the Bay Area, quartz countertops were becoming kinda popular, and they’ve got them out here as well..

The following is the closest this particular store could get to matching the “sparkling white” countertop which is the type of style so many of my friends have elected to use in their own personal residences, back home in California…

No, I still haven’t made up my mind yet as to what my preferred countertop material/color is just yet, but my starting point was to re-familiarize myself with the stuff that I’m used to seeing…

Some more options… What do you guys think of the contrast a white countertop creates w/ black cabinets?

The next store I visited is offering countertops in a variety called “synthetic granite” which is a man-made material… It’s quite a bit cheaper and looks really good (on first impression)…

The following countertop even reminds me of the White Carrara marble one I had installed in the master bathroom of Rental Property SH #3 way back in early 2015.

Do you guys remember this from way back in the day!?!


Anyway, lots of options available out here (today), and the sales rep told me the design shown below is currently most popular choice by customers, apparently…

Personally, not really too big a fan of the streaks…

Decisions, decisions…

Here’s what I’ve got to work with (shown w/ the old “default” stock walls, prior to re-painting)…

It’s a really small kitchen, as such, I’m expecting costs to NOT be too crazy. Still, I would like some more countertop space for cooking, so the plan at the moment is to extend the above into a L shape configuration, putting the stove/vent at the corner adjacent to the bathroom.


Please let me know your thoughts/ideas/feedback!


Fight On!

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Why did it not come with a kitchen? Isn’t it like here where the builder customizes everything for you when buying?

1 year ago

For the ‘color scheme’ of the kitchen, I would pick something clear, that nicely blend with the floor color, and -if damaged from use- don’t look worn out (meaning, used and banged up = looks even better). That way you can afford to invest a bit more, knowing you got yourself something really long lasting, that will be eye pleasing for a long time. Dark colors are depressing in sunny environments, or so it is said by psychologists. You clearly have good tastes when it comes to modelling and furniture pickings. Keep it up. Good luck over there.