Personal Residence #1 – Another Renovation Update (April 13, 2019)

Renovation work continues on! Today, a big step was taken (in my opinion) when the new bathroom sink/cabinet/mirror were installed successfully. Now, I realize a lot of the stuff I’m doing here with my personal residence is nothing more than standard fare, but you know, one excellent way to help any person appreciate how good/important certain things are is to try and live a few days/weeks/etc. without them.

Since moving into my new digs, I’ve operated (found a way to function and carry on) without any type of mirror unit at all… or storage space inside the bathroom.

Sounds kinda crazy, right?

Well, that’s how the game goes a lot of times, especially when you’re inheriting (and moving into) a bare bones unit.

As far as I’m concerned, though, it’s all good and I’m having quite a fun time slowly (but surely) adding individual pieces to better spruce up my condo unit and bring it up to my liking.

On some occasions, I’m kinda splurging a bit and spending good $$$ for quality items, and on other occasions, I’m resorting to discount stores to try and get “more bang for my buck peso”.

Sometimes, you’re also just eyeballing different merchandise and trying to figure out in your head if these puzzle pieces will fit together…

And sure, it’s easy to get a little carried away too, in the process…

If you’re lucky and got some serious skillz, you’ll probably not only have a ball, but in conjunction also be able to put together some very aesthetically pleasing interior designs.

Obviously, I’m NOT an artist (at all), and on many occasions I end up regretting my decisions since they turn out looking… well, not quite as intended/desired.

But as often emphasized on this blog, life is entirely too short to just dwell on stuff all the time, so yeah, if we swing and miss, well, just try and learn/improve, while still remembering to enjoy the process…

Carry on…

It’s the little things that matter most, ultimately, and I’m finding myself much happier fixating on life’s blessings.

Like a good cup of (cheap) coffee to get the morning started!

And some tasty local cuisine.

Batchoy ftw!

This pork stew dish was delicious too!

Being fortunate enough to be able to call Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila my home, is without question an incredible feeling; I thank my lucky stars regularly for having this opportunity.

With that said, after lunch, it was time to get back into the batter’s box and hack away some more at the renovation.

Newbs at work here, but it’s all about learning… and experiencing life.

Mistakes will be made (of course), like check out the hand towel ring (which was installed way too high)…

Nevertheless, so far, I’m thrilled with the results of this most recent renovation… Thankfully, I haven’t gotten the bathroom painted yet, so there’s still time to make modifications (e.g. install another electrical outlet, re-locate the hand towel ring to a better spot, etc.) before finalizing things.

Anyway, this is the stuff that life is made out of, so no complaints from me.

Just gonna take things a day at a time and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Hopefully, readers are also liking these renovation updates!

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but eventually, I think I’ll be able to reach the finish line and turn my visions of a “dream home” into reality.


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Looking good Jay! A nice place you got there.

1 year ago

Yep, looking good and looking forward to future updates!