Day 1 – Living in BGC

After closing the deal on my first personal residence ever (up to now, I’ve only previously owned rental properties), I wasted no time in getting started on rehab/renovation work (which I am familiar with, having undertaken this rather fun assignment a few times before in the past).

I arrived to BGC early in the morning, but before diving in head first, tackling on all the stuff I needed to get done, I wanted to first take a quick pic from the window view of my new condo unit, to share with everyone.

As I’ve mentioned before previously, I’m really a big fan of the Uptown region of BGC since this particular part of town is currently experiencing massive development, with lots of exciting (and expensive) new projects just ramping up construction now.

Where I’m located, though, is pretty much ideal since I’m still very close to all the Uptown action, but the particular apartment complex where I’m living in is nestled away on a less busy corner street, directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manila Hotel on one side, along with the commercial building shown above. And as you can see from the parking lot structure above (which may inevitably be replaced in the future), there’s not much going on around here, which helps keeps things more quiet and peaceful at night (outside of all the general construction noise associated with all the skyscraper projects rising up in the vicinity, which can’t be avoided).

For today, it was mostly about coordinating with the appliance store to get the air conditioner unit delivered (which is set for installation on Saturday morning). While waiting patiently for the delivery truck to arrive, I went downstairs to look for some blind/curtains.

Here’s some options…

And more…

Also, looking to replace the shower head fixture, so I’m looking at some rainfall varieties.

Next, I went shopping for a floor standing fan, since the air conditioner isn’t expected to be ready (installed) until Saturday, and I was planning on staying the night on Friday; I really needed some way to keep things cool inside the unit, since as anyone who has ever experienced living out in a tropical island knows, things can get: HOT, HOT, HOT.

Also, I needed a “temporary” (semi-permanent/permanent?) bedding solution (i.e. padding), since yeah, I’m not really too big a fan of sleeping directly on the floor (on top of laminate flooring that feels more like concrete).

With that said, readers might already be aware, I’m a real simple person, and a most basic (cheap!) mattress is enough to suffice.

Don’t forget, in Hong Kong, I “survived” sleeping on a $20 USD mattress for a good 7 months or so…

bed - 1


Market Market! here I go!

I wasn’t able to book a taxi/Grab on this particular night (around rush hour, no drivers available, go figure), so I had to settle for the next best thing — Carrying the merchandise with me all the way back to the condo unit (took about 35 minutes) …

Anyway, it’s all smiles despite the “struggle” of lugging this thing a few miles across town… It’s life man, shit happens, you just gotta roll with it…

My “assistant” pretending to be annoyed/agitated with all the walking… Hah, what a faker!

Indeed, time sure flies by in a heartbeat, when you’re busy running around and shopping for new home stuff!

Next thing you know, it’s night time, already…

Still, you gotta remember to breathe and pace yourself! Can’t get everything you want done in just a single day, so it’s important to realize when to call it a day…

And still remember to enjoy life and good company.

City lights view from the amenities deck…

The first “housewarming party” umm yeah, something like that…


That’s Day 1, in a nutshell.


Now, it’s time to pick up where I left off and run around town all over again, as Day 2 commences.


Fight On!

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Financial Freedom Countdown

Congratulations Jay. You look super happy and excited. The place looks awesome especially the night time view is ?. Can’t wait to see it

Oracle of FI
1 year ago

Sounds fun! The first days/weeks/months of moving into a new apartment are always so exciting. The view looks great, too!

1 year ago

Congrats man! I will have to visit you soon!

1 year ago

once again, you nailed it, congrats. Decent high location, not noisy, not (yet) blocked view to the outside, for a decent price next to a super expensive hotel (price will climb up therefore), and you got yourself a home now. Thanks for providing some pic’s on what’s locally available in “furniture”. Tagalog is indeed hilarious if you dare understand it (dealt with it a bit when I worked in Qatar). One remark: in tropical settings, white reflect sun rays/cools a lot, and black/dark absorb a lot of sun rays heat and thus heats things up. I would go white color… Read more »