Celebrating Small Victories – I Got My Certificate of Title Today (September 24, 2019)!

Celebrating Small Victories – I Got My Certificate of Title Today (September 24, 2019)!

At the heart of this whole early FI movement (which I am now very much trying to re-orient this blog back into, approaching things on a more macro level), it’s all about trying to enjoy/maximize life as much as possible. So, one way I know to really do that is to take the time to celebrate the “little” victories.

As readers may recall, I purchased a “tiny” studio unit in Bonifacio Global City earlier this year, back in April, and well, it took about 6 months, but here we are now, and I just finally got the Certificate of Title in my name!

Yup, we are on Manila time, clearly!

In any case, this nice little “win” of mine from earlier this year was by no means my biggest investment/speculation “success story” to date, but I still probably felt more joy from obtaining the keys to this residence than any of the previous properties I purchased before (e.g., Bay Area) during my early FI journey.

Who really knows why?

Perhaps, it’s because I’m getting a little bit older, and have learned to embrace that it’s NOT at all about the $$$ affixed to something that makes it meaningful to someone.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… right!?!

And after going through a very tumultuous 2018, and even some parts of 2019 (with my beloved gmom passing away this past spring), I’m now more cognizant than ever that I have to refine my viewpoints on life (in general), if I ever want to be truly happy.

So yeah, I know today’s piece of “good news” isn’t really much to write home about, but for me, it kind of marks the culmination of a lot of things… I mean, years ago I blogged about visualizing the end game, and then working backwards towards achieving it…

It’s absolutely mind-blowing how fast time seems to fly right by us…

But here we are now, and I can say that I did it!

Nope, this latest condo purchase wasn’t a house on the beach that I had always envisioned, but it’s still early days (hah, how many times have you heard that being said by now on this blog?), and I’m confident I’ll be able to make that happen as well…

When the time is right.

For now, I’m stoked to have a condo unit under my name OFFICIALLY in the premier metropolitan city in all of the Philippines.

At this point, it’s probably worth sharing with readers that I’ve also booked my flight back out to Manila; I should be back “home” in early October.


Let’s get back to early FI…


And celebrating the beautiful “little things” in life.


Keep up the fight!

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