Personal Residence #1 – Round 1 Final Renovation Update (April 24, 2019)

Well, just like I had anticipated, I won’t be getting a chance to start renovating the kitchen before my time in Manila is up; I’m now scheduled to head back to California and will be there before you know it. With that said, I continued to make incremental progress over at Personal Residence #1, and it’s advanced enough to the point where its now in a (very) livable condition…

Being able to install blinds was a “game changer” since I like to take naps during the afternoon, heh.

The following is an older update (from ~1.5 weeks ago), but I didn’t get around to posting pics, so here you go…

Simple, but I like it… It’s clean and the color scheme is neutral enough (it’s freekin all white!!) to the point where I shouldn’t have to worry about being penalized for any kind of building code violations (seriously after my Shitcago experience, I mean TOTAL DISASTER, you best believe I am going to ALWAYS do my best to comply with whatever rules/guidelines are put in place by the city/HOA!)…

At this stage of my life, I’m all about living drama-free… Just give me peace of mind and some high quality sleep; the following will help with the latter.

In other news, I continue to waste money on near-useless gadgets being offered at Lazada

Half-kidding, this water dispenser gadget has sort of worked ok and it was super cheap, anyway…

But yeah, eventually, I need to come up with a better (more permanent) solution…

In any case, refilling this giant 5 gallon jug of water only costs 50 pesos (~$0.96 USD), which includes FREE DELIVERY to your front door, so really, no complaints from me!

Again, I’ll look to try and save $$$ however/wherever I can… but at times, even if I have to resort to the “ghetto jam” lifestyle, it’s all good, I really dig (and can greatly appreciate) the simple life.

When I get back to Manila later this year, I’m looking forward to tackling on the kitchen remodel!

Oh and last note — Although I’m currently still sleeping on just a simple mattress on the floor, I did ultimately end up biting the bullet and pulling the trigger on the following bed frame…

I just couldn’t resist the 30% off sale + additional 10% off

No doubt, this is a luxury item that I probably don’t need, but sometimes, you just gotta do what makes you happy… 🙂


With early FI, it’s important to pick and choose your battles… I’m NOT one of those guys that’s gonna say you gotta give up your avocado toast, lattes, and even having to deprive yourself of basic furnitures (and other stuff)…

Know (and respect) thyself!

In the grand scheme of things, live within your means… but hot damn, life is entirely too short as well, so you gotta figure out how to achieve the right balance.

Happiness ftw!


See you all back in California!


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Your mattress is one of the most important attributes to a good life, so don’t be a cheapskate by looking for the cheapest solution out there. I had a hard foam one decades ago, always bad back aching from it. Switched to a springs+enclosed air pockets one, and never looked back. Now sleep exceedingly well, until I got to pee, and the back aching is gone forever, unless I lift something the wrong way … For your kitchen remodel, instead of pulling up an L-shaped kitchen by following the wall perimeter, maybe do a bigger U or D shaped one,… Read more »