Ho Chi Minh City – Here We Go (December 28, 2016)!

Well, the time has arrived for me to pack my bags and head off to someplace… warmer! The weather in Hong Kong is quite fickle, and even just a few days ago it was quite hot and sunny… The last two days, well, not so much…

In fact, the last two days have been so COLD and windy that for a second there, I thought I was back in Silicon Valley again!

All joking aside (the weather in HK is still plenty warm, I am not complaining the least bit!), I just feel like now is the appropriate time to try something new and see what else this wonderful world has to offer (that, and my 3 month window into HK is just on the cusp of expiring).

My parents were born and raised in Vietnam (although my heritage is Chinese), so I guess you could say that I’ve got some roots in that country!

Now seems like the perfect time to pay a visit…

So, off we go to Vietnam, later today… My mom, brother, and me.

But before I sign off and make my way to Vietnam, I would like to now take the time to thank all the AMAZING locals out in HK who have made my time here so incredibly pleasant and memorable… I don’t need to list any names, you know who you are! 🙂

The last half year or so (particularly the last 3 months since I’ve been back from Japan) have really been a dream come true; I’ve gotten the chance to sightsee, explore, experiment, indulge, and basically take in so many of the incredible things that HK has to offer. Best of all, the people that I have met here have been more than generous and gone out of their way to really help make HK feel like a second home for me…

For that, I am most humbled and thankful…

When I first arrived in HK, I reverted back to my natural state of being a shy, quiet, reserved, non-confident kind of guy who was pretty much too embarrassed to speak in Cantonese…

Everything just felt so… awkward… which to me was a good sign!

To really make strides in life, we’ve got to continually put ourselves in surroundings/situations that make us feel uncomfortable…

It’s not always easy at first… or second… or third…

But with enough time and persistence…

Actually (now with the benefit of hindsight), making new friends in HK has been far easier and more rewarding (fortunately!) than I could have possibly imagined… Sure, sometimes it might seem like certain people are inaccessible or difficult to approach/talk to, but like most things in life, you’ve just got to keep at it, and eventually you’ll find the gems that make all your efforts totally worth it… Of course, this is just my own personal experience talking, and YMMV, but this is just a good example of why it’s so dangerous to buy into the propaganda!

I really don’t give a shit for stereotypes and what “he said, she said”, because I’ve always carried on with the belief that I sure as hell don’t know jack shit about ANYTHING in life! When it comes down to it, the only way you will ever know for certain is to go out there and see/do for yourself!

Who cares what everyone else is saying/doing, if YOUR own, unique experience is entirely different?!?

And I think this is why so many people get addicted to traveling and exploring the world! Planet Earth is a BIG ASS PLACE, so it’s nonsensical to live in a constant “bubble”, operating under the guise that we think we know everything…


Whether we are talking about people, or investing, or whatever, I think we benefit the most when we approach life with an open mind!

HK, for certain, has taught me a lot of important life lessons… Each time I go out, I try my best to be a sponge so that I can absorb and learn as much as I can… The mindset is that it’s me who needs to conform and understand my surroundings, NOT the other way around; I am the outlier so it’s my job to fit in… I never want to be one of those asshole expats who will berate a local for not knowing how to speak English… To me, approaching life with that type of mindset is just pure insanity… Get with the program, the world does NOT cater to you!

With that said, I’ve got the itch again, and can’t wait to embrace an entirely new country and culture in Vietnam.

Yup, it’s time to hit that reset button yet again!

I’ve heard so many stories/tales/stereotypes about Vietnam, and now it’s time for me to see for myself… Because when it comes down to it, you can’t take anything anyone says at face value…


After all, I don’t know jack shit about anything…


Fight On!

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Financial Samurai
3 years ago

How fun and take a lot of pictures for us!

3 years ago

I don’t know jack shit about anything! 🙂

That would make a great tag line for the blog (joking of course!)

It’s a great outlook on life I think but not sure people would get it out of context just as the strap line of a blog. It would be funny though and get people asking questions no doubt! 🙂

Enjoy Vietnam, always wanted to go so looking forward to your experiences there.