California Dreaming (May 1, 2019)

Life has its ups and down, and things tend to ebb and flow, constantly. Yup, I’m back in California right now, and so far it’s been a rather bittersweet reunion down memory lane…

Lots of warmth, laughter, smiles, and all that shared with family members… but also lots of tears shed, too.

What can I say other than what I’ve often said over and over, time after time, again and again, already on this blog?

Life’s finite and in the end we all end up as dust… Not trying to be too morose here, but hey, that’s reality for you folks…

So while we are here, we just gotta make the most of everything. In essence, everything boils down and comes full circle right back to early FI… and trying to acquire “true wealth” which for everyone is time, since it’s indeed our most precious (and sacred) resource.

Sounds cliche, but really:

  • Live like there’s no tomorrow because one day, eventually there won’t be.
  • Cherish those closest to you and don’t ever take your loved ones for granted.
  • Strive on continuing to learn and grow as a person.
  • Aim to make reality better than your best dream(s).
  • Just be an altogether nicer, more compassionate human being b/c really, you have no fucking clue what somebody else is going through (and what battles they are fighting on their own, in private).
  • Etc.


And ultimately, just let the chips fall wherever they will…


I’ve had a lot to think about lately, but as I shared with you all last time, I’m gonna continue to aim on to becoming a more positive person, moving forward


No regrets here, and I’m gonna do my best to keep my head up as I try and close this chapter out and move onto the next.


It’s been a tough week, but I’m ready to face the challenges that still remain to be faced…


Fight On!

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Nick B
Nick B
1 year ago

Well said. I read The Daily Stoic each morning in an attempt to live life along those lines. I find it easy to be lazy at times and need a kick in the a$$ every once and a while.