Bali Optimism – The Path Moving Forward

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting, and one thing that I’ve realized is the importance of attitude. For someone like myself who has more or less existed in a state of “I have to live/plan/operate under the premise of taking care of tomorrow first and foremost” for the longest time now, one observation that I’m keenly aware of is just how difficult it can be to let go of certain things and simply live in the moment.

In other words, I think for a lot of us introverted peeps who tend to think too much, there’s probably an imbalance that exists somewhere and arguably too much emphasis is placed on finding faults/flaws/problems/issues/etc. as opposed to taking a more optimistic view on life.

Further, as someone who tries their best to operate in a state of fear a lot of the times (when you’re afraid of losing something or someone, I’ve found you’re much less likely to take things for granted), I guess you could say the natural gravitation is towards being more cautious/skeptical/uneasy/critical than anything else.

I mean, life in general is rather complicated, and I don’t think anyone ever has all the answers and stuff figured out… but in any event, I feel like moving forward, I need to re-wire my brain a bit and embark on a slightly altered, new path.

If you’re gonna ride the waves, you must accept that you’re going to fall (a lot) of the times, as well…

But don’t dwell on it too much…

You know, just thinking back to Bali, I was surrounded by a lot of optimism and happy people who know a lot better than yours truly how to have a good time and appreciate life’s many blessings.

And in many ways, Bali was a wonderful escape for me; a dream come true.

Sipping on a cold drink, just chilling out, and slowing down the pace of life is something that is entirely possible when you’re out there…

Looking back, I probably didn’t emphasize all the good stuff quite nearly enough (both when I was physically in Bali and definitely when sharing stories via blog posts).

I underestimated it.

I discounted it.

I brushed it aside.

I was dwelling too much over some of the bad stuff that was happening to me at the time…


I mean, damn, I was in early FI paradise and it really was an amazing experience!

Moving forward, I think I just need to adapt a new mindset. I think at this point, I’m probably too internally wired to change my thoughts completely, but I can for sure do a much better job with a lot of my storytelling.

Really, I also must realize that as a blogger with so many AWESOME followers, a lot of people turn to sites like this for motivation/inspiration/positivity/optimism while they’re embarking on their own early FI journey, and even the ones who have already reached the top of the mountain, I’m guessing they also want to read happier posts on here. 🙂

Embrace the good vibes!

So yeah, in many ways, I would like to take the time out now to apologize to readers and followers for some of my past transgressions/diatribes/rants/complaints/etc.

Looking back, I know I was excessive and went overboard, on many occasions…

And I really don’t want to become an annoying whiner (buzzkill)…


Life isn’t easy and nobody is perfect, so we just try our best to live and learn.

To start, I think you at least have to be open and honest with yourself (which is what I’m attempting at doing here).

And have done so often while walking alongside the beach…

I mean, last year was pure hell for me, having to deal with that NASTY FIASCO out in Chicago, and unfortunately, I’m sure a lot of that negativity and frustration that I was immensely suffering through found a way to permeate through to many blog posts, tweets, etc.

But what’s done is done (no more excuses), and I’ll just have to work extra hard to win back so many of the readers that I lost.

For the folks who have stuck by me through thick and thin, your support means everything to me; I can’t say enough about how much of an impact your kind words have on me.

Don’t forget, bloggers are people too, and a little really does go a long, long ways.

Anyway, that’s enough reflecting for now, but yeah, I’m just going to do my best to leave the past in the past (where it belongs) and move forward from here with a renewed sense of belief and optimism for brighter days ahead.


Together, we can accomplish AMAZING things!


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Good to hear it man. The world needs more positivity.