The Right Attitude is Everything

We are a byproduct and manifestation of those we surround ourselves with. Life is way too short, so get rid of the toxicity, and align yourself with good people who will help you become the best version of yourself possible.

Not just in your own personal life, but in your investing/speculating career, as well.

In the Game of Speculation, as I’ve alluded to in the last few posts, it’s a brutally tough game, and no one who is even remotely honest will ever hide the fact that you simply can’t win em all. Especially as it pertains to early stage exploration mining stocks, you’re going to swing and miss, often…

Even with a shotgun approach (building up a portfolio of a buncha carefully selected “lottery tickets”), having to experience MASSIVE LOSSES,even on a single small position is still gonna suck, regardless…


No way to sugarcoat it:

No one likes to lose money!!!

It sucks major azzzzzzzz!!!



But regardless, it does always help to step back, and realize that making/losing money is simply just that…



It’s NOT the be all and end all of life…

You can always make it back.

It’s all about perspective.


Don’t let money (or the lack of) sink you into a bottomless black hole abyss thing where it destroys everything good about you (and all the positives that you’ve still got going for you in your life, which I’m sure are plenty enough for you to be grateful/thankful/appreciative for!).


With that said, my friend The Hedgeless Horseman has definitely got the right mindset/attitude/spirit:

Spot on matey.


Guys like this are the ones you root for, and ones who I think are bound to do well and succeed in life.


Granny would be proud too.


Fight on!

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1 year ago

Gratitude is a great habit to have.

Every mornig when I first wake, I think about 3 things that I’m gratefull for.

That helps to start the day in the right foot and with a positive attitude. Instead, most people weak up, think about all the bad things and the next day they repeat it… It’s a never ending blackhole.

Be greatful everyday to be still alive, it’s a big enought thing to be happy considering about 150.000 people die everyday.