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Tagalog – The Quirkiness That Is the Word Ba

Sometimes, just knowing a SINGLE word/phrase/expression can get you pretty far and make for a [continue reading…]


Early FI – 3 Years Later (And No Regrets)

It’s been about 3 years since I said, “Screw this shit, no mas” to the corporate workplace. Yup, there’s been plenty of ups and downs from that point up to now, but all things considered, I can say quite [continue reading…]


Inspiring Stories (From Around the Globe)

I’ve been in essence somewhat of a hybrid “digital nomad” for a good 3 years now… and naturally, through the course of my travels, I’ve encountered many interesting people, who have even more AMAZING stories of their own.

Granted, many of these “real life tales” will never see the [continue reading…]


One Step Closer – Chasing YOUR Dreams

Life doesn’t always go according to plan… or ummm script. Really, if you rewind the tape to just a few years ago (or even in the summer of 2016 when I more or less decided it was time to pursue early FI full-time), I couldn’t have predicted that I’d be in the situation that I find myself in currently…

Personally, I think the [continue reading…]


Back in Manila (Looking for Real Estate Deals)

Well, I’m back in Manila now! As much fun as Bali was (seriously, it really does live up to the hype), home is where the heart is. And really, I’m glad to be back in Manila again, and like last time around, it’s now time to go [continue reading…]