One Month In Japan


As we enter the fall season, you could say that investing and the markets are on my mind a lot… No doubt, I’m expecting a lot of volatility between now and the end of the year…

With that said, I should also be grounded enough to realize that when it comes down to it, there’s really only so much that I can do… Whatever will be, will be…

So, although I’ve been ranting and raving a lot lately, I must also remember to take a step back and just chill out a little! After all, I’ve already achieved early FI, so I need to focus on the BIG PICTURE, and never forget to enjoy the good life, which is what post FI is all about!

I’m currently in Osaka, and the family and I head out to Nara later today, and Kobe tomorrow because my brother wants to try real Kobe beef… Yes, he’s a big foodie, especially when it comes to beef.

Anyway, here’s just a sneak peak and glimpse into my daily life… I’ve been in Japan (Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and now Osaka) for almost a full month now…

My first (best) meal in Tokyo.


I love guitars and this guy was legit… His sound (the echo and reverb) was the most awesome, shimmering tone that I’ve probably ever heard…


And the Robot show wasn’t bad either…


Tourist trap? Oh, whatever… When in Rome Tokyo…


Airbnb in Edogawa for a few days… We stayed in Shinjuku for about a week prior to this.


Early morning fish auction in Tsukiji…


I’m not a food snob, but you can’t get this back home… I could seriously eat this everyday and not get sick of it… It’s that good.


Frugal eats… About $5 USD/bowl.


The best gyoza is found in a ramen shop in Asakusa, near the temple.


The people out here are so friendly!


Next, to Hiroshima for some “soul food”.


An explosion of flavor…


Paying our respects…


A good reminder that in war, there are no winners, only losers…


They sure do love their local baseball team here… Everyone was decked out in Carp jerseys…


This was an unexpected sight…


Gotta GREEN up before getting onboard…


The Shinkansen! Less than 2 hours from Hiroshima to…




Peace and serenity…


The Bamboo Forest.


I actually didn’t try Onsen, maybe next time…


Silky Tofu and Matcha Ice Cream… Oh yeah, more GREEN!


Next, to Osaka.


Guess what the tourists are stuffing into their suitcases? Yup, Kit-Kat bars… But not just any flavor of Kit-Kat bars… No, it gotta be GREEN!


Meanwhile, I’ve been sticking to my “tried and true”, repeatedly, over and over again… If it ain’t broke…


Don’t worry, I do mix it up from time to time…



I hope readers enjoy the pics! This is just a snapshot of what I’ve been up to this past month… I will provide much more insights (and words) in a separate post.


Off to Nara now…


Fight On!

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3 years ago

Man, I’m loving it! So jealous of you right now. I use to live in Kobe and Hiroshima so brought back the natsukashii. Did you do the travel hacking for this trip? That’s something I haven’t seen in your posts for a long time. I got into my travel hacking through you, believe it or not! And after seeing your photos I’m starting my next trip to Japan with the family since it’s been 15 years! Gosh, I could go for some good Ramen & Gyoza about now. Keep the posts coming.

3 years ago

I’m delighted to read your posts. I live in Portugal and I tell all my friens to check out your blog. I think none of them actually does ti…
Your posts are all very inspiring? Are you thinking to show your excel tables again with a resume of your rented properties?

3 years ago

Looks awesome Jay. Was in Japan over a year ago and I miss the country, especially all the great food. If you go back to Hiroshima, check out Mitchan, it’s the place that invented Okonomiyaki. So awesome!

3 years ago

Oh man…now Im hungry and craving sushi. Those are some amazing pics and you sure are having a lot of fun! The true benefits of early FI — you get to enjoy life to the fullest. Keep up hte great work and thanks for sharing these images. Keep em coming!


Investment Hunting
3 years ago

Live it up brother. The photos of the sushi and fish market are making me jealous. I could seriously eat raw tuna everyday. I’m so happy that your on this epic journey. The best part, you don’t have a boss emailing you with work requests or pestering you to come back to work ;-).

Max Moy-Borgen
Max Moy-Borgen
3 years ago

Hey Jay, Great to hear and see your travel updates. I was wondering if you could share so far how much you’ve spent since you’ve left the USA (not sure if you’ve done this elsewhere already). How long it’s been since you left. How the process was for wrapping up all loose-ends before moving. What expenses there were for that? How you’re managing your finances, property management, tenants, etc. from abroad. What the cash flow has looked like the past few months, etc. Challenges and any unexpected things that you thought would be harder but turns out they were easier?… Read more »

3 years ago

Amazing! I’ve been there last year for 3 weeks and did most of the things you mentioned here!
My points: Tokyo is like New York but better, okonomiakis are awesome, onsens are awesome (should go to Beppu, in Kyushu), Kyoto is the most amazing city in the world (kiyomizu-dera top of the top), but Arashiyama (the Bamboo forest) is overrated. Osaka is meh but this place ( has the best sushi in the world.

And you should go to koyasan sacred mountain…


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