And Now I’m In Tokyo (September 03, 2016)

japan - 1

One of the joys of being in early FI is getting to do basically whatever it is that you want to do. Most recently, my brother, Living Proof and I decided it was a good time to wander around in Tokyo… So, we booked some tickets and flew out to Tokyo. Kind of on a whim, if you will…

But what’s wrong with that?

My brother also most recently retired from his corporate engineering gig (he’s also now in early FI), and had just finished his travel journeys out in the Philippines; we decided to rendezvous in Tokyo (along with our mom since it’s been her dream for the longest time to explore Tokyo) for more adventures.

We all arrived in Shinjuku on September 03. Since then, I’ve been having a blast (mostly eating), taking in the sights and sounds of one of my favorite countries in the world. It’s been 2 years since I was last in Tokyo, and man have I missed it!

Anyway, if there are any readers around Tokyo who would like to meet up and grab coffee/lunch/sushi, or talk shop, please let me know. Either leave a comment below, or reach out to me via the following:



fifightervideo @ gmail


I’ll be in Tokyo until at least September 12… After that, we will probably elect to head south on the bullet train to visit Osaka and Kyoto… But for the most part, we are just playing it by ear…

You know I got love for you HK, but you really can’t compete on this level when it comes to sushi…

sushi - 1

And sorry Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, although you try your best, your Ichiran can’t touch this Ichiran…

Ichiran - 1

Haha, no I’m not really a food snob (it’s all in good fun), but in this case, I’ll say that when it comes to sushi and ramen, the best that I’ve ever experienced so far in my life is found in Japan (I’m sure that realization comes as no surprise to anyone!).


When I was a working engineer, I spent close to a decade trying to plan out my day-to-day life… You could say that I’ve grown sick and tired of planning… Now that I’m in early FI, I feel like a kid again…

Speaking of “being a kid again”, I thought that this was pretty SICK!

FF - 1


Go with the flow and enjoy life


Fight On!

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4 years ago

You are doing what we all dream of when we reach FI, Jay. Sounds like you are having a blast…enjoy your stay in Tokyo and looking forward to more pictures and stories.


4 years ago

Enjoy Japan. I love the food and people every time I go there. If you are into ramen check out the ramen museum in Yokohama.

4 years ago

Have fun in Japan while we work hard to get to the FI finish line!

No Nonsense Landlord
4 years ago

The best kind of sushi (or shashimi) is found deep fried, in beer batter. With french fries…

It sounds great all the world travels. I am getting ready to do a bit of traveling myself. I have to spend it or give it away, and the second option doesn’t sounds as much fun.

4 years ago

Does anyone know what happened with Galaxy Resources today? I don’t see any news.