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Stock Investing Thoughts

Stock Market – Look Out Below (January 3, 2019)!?!

Before everyone goes and labels me a stock market hater, just know that I’m rooting for equities to do well and have absolutely no interest in seeing the economy (and stocks) tanking. After all, I’m [continue reading…]


Not a Believer… (December 27, 2018)

bear - 1

… In this stock [continue reading…]


The Markets Are Crying (December 21, 2018)

Holy Toledo, this market sell-off/hysteria/nightmare is getting real UGLY, fast! Outside of cash, almost nothing is safe these days… Now, I realize that general equities and investors/speculators have been beyond blessed in recent memory, staging an almost unbelievable bull market (lasting ~decade), but as the saying [continue reading…]


Investing – Can’t Win Em All

When it comes to investing, everyone knows that they should invest without emotion… but over time, I think we all quickly learn that to actually do that in real-life is a near impossible task. I have no problem admitting that my emotions have gotten the better of me on many occasions, and I have no doubts that they will cause me to make even more bad decisions in the future… We are all [continue reading…]


When it comes to early financial independence, most everyone who starts on the journey wants to focus on passive income/cash flow. It is understandable why too — When you receive a periodic payment/distribution of income it is psychologically rewarding (you feel all warm and fuzzy inside). Although it is never the case, it essentially feels like you are earning “free” money. And that is precisely the reason why I believe most everyone out there is actively chasing for yield, with little or [continue reading…]