Keep Fighting for Your Dreams!

Life isn’t easy and the path to early FI can be most challenging, especially during the early days, shortly after we have that startling realization that there ought to be (a lot) more to life than just grinding it out at work every single day…

As someone who did NOT come from wealth, was told they were a total dumbass in high school (thanks Jimmy, ex-gf, and co, I needed the EXTRA motivation!), had to first go through the community college route to get into a respectable university (UC Berkeley, represent!), and then prove himself day in and day out in Corporate America (taking on a profession that I did NOT even go to school/get trained for), you could say the odds were clearly stacked against me.

Truth is, I was never supposed to get to where I am today, and have been counted down and out so many times in my life by now, I’ve stopped keeping count.

But looking back now, all I can say is:


You just gotta keep fighting!


I mean, it took myself a few good years of frugal living, intense savings, and working my ass off at the 9-5 gig, to save up for enough $$$ for my first downpayment and real estate purchase way back in the summer of 2012.

At the time, I assure you, being in the position to purchase my first house wasn’t something that I thought was all that big a deal… I mean, no question, I felt a sense of pride over the accomplishment (saving up that much money so early in my working career was no easy task), but I mean, how in the world could I have known at that time that a property I was agreeing to pay $315,000 for would one day skyrocket up to over $750,000?!?

And when you consider the fact that I only put in 25% downpayment (the remaining 75% was financed through a conventional fixed-rate 30 year loan), the overall leveraged returns since that time are multiples of the initial capital I put in.

The rest, they say, is history…

What seemed like something “trivial” at the time, can one day manifest into something someday down the road to be bigger (and better) than we ever dreamed possible!

Don’t underestimate the impact a “small action” you take today can have on tomorrow…

You just never know, so you gotta keep fighting!

In my own case, I really needed that first win (victory!) to catapult me forward… Psychologically, emotionally, even spiritually.

For morale…

Buying that first property truly made me believe, “I can fucking do this!

I can have the life I always wanted…

I can transform myself from a nobody…

And achieve more than I ever thought was possible…

So yeah, looking back, I’ve better learned to appreciate those wonderful “windows of opportunities” that can present themselves, which can do wonders in helping early FI enthusiasts reach their dreams.


That’s why I’m trying to hammer home this point:


In the heat of the moment, though, it never feels that obvious, like it’s a slam dunk proposition…


And that’s kind of why I think a lot of people don’t fight as hard for their dreams as they ought to… Everyone wants instant results and immediate gratification, but shit, that’s just NOT how the world works!

Nevertheless, if you keep your head up, never stop chipping away at it, fall down and still have the strength to get your ass off the mat, again and again, eventually, I just think you’re going to emerge victorious and do better than you ever thought possible.

Granted, there are caveats of course —  You’ll obviously increase your odds for success if you’re immersed with your passions/goals/dreams/investing/speculating and all that…

You know, never stop learning and become a sponge willing to soak up (valuable) information so you can better craft and refine your own internal filters, hopefully helping to guide you towards those assets that really will help you to unlock “life changing gains” and turn your dreams into reality (i.e. early financial independence).

There’s no escaping this cold-hard truth:

Early FI is a game predicated on QUALITY asset accumulation (how much can you acquire as quickly/efficiently as possible to sustain your desired lifestyle for perpetuity?).

It doesn’t matter if your focus is geared towards net worth or cash flow, in the end, they are very much related and complement each other in more ways than the masses can/will ever understand.

As I’m demonstrated throughout this blog’s history, there’s many different ways (routes) that can help someone traverse the early FI mountain and get to the top.

With all that said, and speaking especially to those who are in the earlier stages of their journey — Just keep at it!

  • Start small.
  • Take baby steps.
  • Make incremental progress.
  • Importantly, keep fighting on!


For myself, lately, I’ve come to better realize the importance of keeping a positive attitude and the willingness to push forward with optimism. As readers may know full well by now, I blew myself up last year when some horrible “investments” in South Chicago went even more horribly wrong and I lost a ton of money. It took a lot of time for me to come to grips with that blow, but one step at a time, I’m doing my best to pick up the pieces and put the past behind me.

No different than from anyone else, I’m fighting my own battles and I’ve got a long list of goals/dreams/ambitions/aspirations/etc. that I want to accomplish.

So, let’s help each other out!

One day at a time, and we will get there!


The Sky CAN Be the Limit, if we never set boundaries for ourselves…

From We Follow Pics.



Fight On!

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