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Welcome to FI Fighter! My name is Jay, and I’m so glad that you decided to stop by!


This blog started in 2012, and over the years I’ve written many posts… Unfortunately, for anyone new to the site, it can feel kind of like a scavenger hunt trying to look for and pinpoint some of the more useful articles…

So, let’s try and save you some time!

Here you will find a collection of what I feel are the most important posts that I’ve published on this blog.


*Highlighted in BOLD are the articles that I would highly recommend you start with, or focus on the most…

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To be continued here

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Taking Time to Recharge (April 13, 2016)

It’s been a pretty crazy last few weeks! Although updates on this blog have been slow to come in this week, I just wanted to provide a quick update to readers with what’s going on with me.

For starters, I’m still trying to get my situation squared away so that I can leave for Hong Kong sometime this summer, hopefully in June. This means getting my taxes filed away, renewing my passport, meeting up with good buddies to hang out with, and cleaning (which is something I keep pushing aside, unfortunately). Anyway, I remain as excited as one could possibly be with this future move… For me, it’s going to mark the “Next Chapter” of my life, and a transition to a post-FI type of lifestyle. I really have no expectations, so far, and will most likely just go with the flow. But it’s just around the corner, which is so hard for me to grasp, still.

Moving along, I know that I’ve been focusing a lot on gold mining stocks lately, but kind of for good reason — Gold stocks are just super HOT right now! Many friends, family, readers of this blog, etc. have made a pretty penny so far already (some are up north of $100,000 since we bottomed out on January 19), and as you guys all know, I’m just gonna do my part to help anyone out that I can. I’ve never been the type to “keep secrets” to myself, and I more than freely give away my best ideas… That’s just the way I am… And with all the progress that I’ve made towards early FI over the last 4 years, honestly, I don’t really give a sh!t what anyone else thinks… Unlike a lot of assholes out there, I actually enjoy watching other people do well and succeed, both in life and with investing. So, I’ve been spending a lot of time teaching some new investors the ropes when it comes to investing in gold stocks. And when it comes to my close inner circle, most everyone is hustling everyday, working 9-5, so no one really has the time to deep dive into things like I do… I’m the guy with far too much time on my hands who is e-mailing and calling management of these companies to learn more… I’m not always gonna make the right moves or have all the answers, but I’m always going to do my best to take care of those that I care about. That includes readers of this blog.

But, I do realize that first and foremost this blog is about early financial independence… So, at some point I will need to refocus on that underlying theme because ultimately, early FI is what it’s all about. This is not a dividend growth investing blog. This is not an index investing blog. This is not a real estate blog. This is not a gold mining stock blog. As I’ve stated on too many occasions, I do not swear allegiance to any single asset class… Early FI has ALWAYS been what it’s all about; I will utilize any (and all) investment vehicles to help me get to and sustain FI.

Indeed, Early FI is very possible to achieve at a young age, so don’t let anyone else try to convince you otherwise.

Moving on, I’ve got a few more podcasts recorded, so I’m really looking forward to releasing those in the near future… Man, I’ve been talking to some pretty inspirational and amazing people… It’s been so much fun and a most humbling experience, so I really hope that readers have been enjoying these segments. I’ve got more down the pipe!

As it pertains to this blog, traffic has been increasing steadily and we are adding new subscribers everyday! That’s totally awesome to see, and I hope we can continue to keep up the pace! I do sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported me and is tagging along on this journey… I would really like to work on growing this blog more in the future. For now, my focus has sort of been on freelance writing, as evident by the increase in Seeking Alpha articles that I’ve been writing in recent months. In two months time, we’ve gone from 0 followers to over 100 on Seeking Alpha, with a few “Editor Picks” articles, so again, it’s incremental progress, but the wins are adding up. Just like with this blog, I’m humbled that there are readers out there who are enjoying my content and see value in it.


So, let’s keep marching along! For the remainder of this week, I’ll probably takes things easy and chill out… I’ll admit I am feeling pretty burnt out right now…


Thanks again for reading and following along! I promise, I’ve got a lot more content in store for the future! 🙂


Fight On!

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Taking Time Off (August 21, 2015)

Starting today, I will be taking some time off to get away from everything… I’ll be out of town and hopefully as far as away from technology as possible.

I’m in search of inner peace… I will begin a spiritual journey to better connect myself with our Mother Earth.

It’s time to focus on some other (more important) things than just early FI and finance…

Although the journey to early FI is not yet complete, I believe that I have done everything that I possibly can to position myself for future success. It isn’t always easy, and many of the thoughts and strategies that I have implemented over the years will not resonate with others who are also on the journey.

That’s perfectly fine… If anything, it makes for some great debates and discussions. 🙂

One thing I’ve realized over the years is this — You have to stay true to yourself.

You won’t always be right… In fact, you’ll probably be wrong more times than right.

But learning doesn’t happen overnight… And in the end, you’ve got to go with your conviction and gut, even if it goes against the grain and popular sentiment.


With that said, I want to say “THANK YOU” to all the readers for your support through the last 4 years. It’s been a pretty amazing journey so far and I sincerely appreciate everything — comments, e-mails, meet ups, etc. It’s been an incredible ride…


Now, it’s time to focus on something else…


“For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I’m suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. Maybe I’m not leaving… maybe I’m going home.” — Vincent Freeman, Gattaca


You’ve only got one life to live!

Be real.

Be true.

Be yourself.


I’ll be back soon. Take care everyone! Until next time…

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Moving On…

Although I find the topic of Fear and Greed most fascinating, I believe that it’s just about time to move on. For one, I’m tired of talking about it, and two, I’m guessing you’re even more tired reading about it! 😉

So, this post will simply be a recap of everything that I’ve published over the last few weeks…

As always, I’ve never claimed to have any of the right answers. I can’t say that I know what will happen in the future, and I certainly can’t make claims that I know what I am

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Feed Back Up (May 15, 2015)

Looks like the blog’s database was corrupted and feed services stopped working on May 09. Hopefully, things are back up and working correctly now!

My apologizes to all the subscribers who haven’t been alerted to site updates this past week.

This site is alive and well! 🙂


Fight On!

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Comments Section Not Working (September 05, 2014)

Update: 9/05: Issue resolved! Needed to install a Thesis 1.85 patch to get the comments to show up again…

I updated to WordPress 4.0 this morning, and for whatever reason, it looks like that update caused the comments section to disappear. 🙁

I can still see the comments in my dashboard view, but they appear to be hidden on every post (both comment and reply).

Is anyone else witnessing this with 4.0? Any ideas on how to fix it? If so, please shoot me an e-mail, or leave a comment. You won’t be able to see your comment, but I will through the dashboard…

This is a bit of a nuisance, so I’m hoping it’s an easy fix. Otherwise, I’ll have to dedicate some time this weekend to fixing this… First step, disable all plugins and see if that does anything… I’ll give it a shot later tonight after work.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

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