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Spend the Day at the Lake

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Financial Independence is something that can have an entirely different meaning for one person to the next. One individual might wish to achieve this status so they no longer have to subject themselves to the drudgery of everyday work. Perhaps this person is burned out from the corporate game, and just wants more free time to relax and unwind. For another, the increase in time not spent working may grant them the extra energy and focus they need to pursue learning new skills. Some days I wake up and feel like pursuing the former, while on other occasions I want to do the latter. Since financial independence is something that is constantly on my mind, I recently asked myself, “What would I be doing today if I wasn’t working?”

It was a Saturday, so I really did have the day to myself. But for a moment, I supposed I hadn’t. I envisioned myself waking up to the same old tried-and-true weekday routine. So, I woke up at the same usual time, ate the same typical breakfast and mentally prepared myself for another long day at work. Only this time, instead of getting in my car, spacing out and somehow ‘magically’ appearing at work, I took a ‘wrong’ turn, and ended up somewhere much, much more pleasant. I had no pre-determined destination in mind, and as fate would have it, I ended up driving to a nearby lake.

I got to the lake on a bright, balmy, and beautiful day. There weren’t many other people around since it was so early in the morning, but I didn’t mind. Actually, it was very pleasant to get away from all the noise, and just relax in relative peace. I walked around for a bit, and finally settled in on a bench next to the lake. I took things slow, never checking my watch. I figured that if I couldn’t enjoy a moment such as this, then maybe perhaps I wasn’t ready for financial independence. It is strange to me that sometimes I’ll have an absolute craving to indulge in doing something, but as soon as I’m actually doing it, I get bored rather quickly. I had my fears, so in a way this was a good test. It turns out, I’m actually rather capable of sitting on a bench for hours at a time without feeling any resistance to move. I’ll listen to the waters, watch the birds fly by, and envy at the little ducklings basking in the sun. For a moment, my life was no different than theirs. I was at one with them. I was free.

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