Happy New Year

Hey everyone! It’s New Year’s Eve out here in the East and I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

2017 was a pretty epic year (well, I guess for some industries/sectors/investments), but hopefully the party is just getting started and bigger and better things are in store for us all in 2018.

Anyway, I will say that although I’ve now been out in Manila for 3 weeks now, I’m still somewhat trying to get situated… Honestly, I’ve been mostly focused on things outside of personal finance (there’s more to happiness than just trying to make more $$$ all the time), but at some point I seriously need to get back into the groove of things again… As it pertains to blogging, right now I’m experiencing a lot of frustration having to deal with really slow (atrociously bad) internet, and despite my best efforts to hop around town trying to locate a “go to” cafe/lounge/workspace, it’s been more miss than hit so far…

I mean, even in my own apartment, the wi-fi went out for a good stretch of time and I was completely dependent on a pocket wi-fi device that was slower than 56k dial up (if anyone even remembers what those days were like)… which means I was essentially offline more than anything!

With that said, I will be busy over the next few days preparing the next “Thank You” edition, which should be out very shortly… There will be a lot of surprises/changes/shocks so please brace yourselves for something… different.

If you’re not familiar with the whole premise behind the “Thank You” newsletter, please check out this post.

For anyone who has followed this blog for any stretch of time, you already know full well by now that my main focus is on the path to early financial independence… As far as I’m concerned, everything else is just noise… So, again, please don’t be surprised (appalled) by any upcoming “big changes” that I will be making in 2018 and beyond.

As we wind down 2017, I just want to say THANK YOU again to all the loyal readers and friends who have supported this blog for so many years and continue to do so today. I am NOTHING without you great folks, and without you, I would have closed up shop a long time ago… You make everything all worthwhile!


All the best for a most prosperous and epic 2018~!





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I’m going to be heading out to Manila early next week, so in the meantime I’ve been busy: meeting up with people, taking care of errands, packing, etc… I haven’t gotten around to doing this, but I really wanted to take the time out to say:


A few weeks back, I set up a donate button and wrote a quick short blog post about it…

To my surprise, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from: readers, friends, family, etc…

For instance, @Tommy (founder of CEO.CA) was kind enough to make a very generous donation to the site and offer some kind, encouarging words… I don’t mean to call anyone out, in particular, but damn that was pretty humbling!

So, yeah, that’s awesome stuff (not to mention surreal)!

And I’ve gotten a few readers who have signed up for monthly contributions as well (amazing!)…

Around the time of the post, I did get some inquiries about setting up donations to the site via cryptocurrencies (obviously a superior choice since most of the alternative payment methods out there nickel and dime you and me both all day and night long)…


Please forgive me for putting this off for so long (I don’t mean to seem ungrateful because I am genuinely touched by all this); I did get around to FINALLY setting up some crypto wallets, which you can find the public keys for below:


Bitcoin (BTC):




Ethereum (ETH):




Litecoin (LTC):




So, there it is!


Seriously, I really appreciate all the kind words and support from everyone! All this positive energy really just makes me want to step up my game and produce even better content in the future… I’m really hoping that a change of scenery will do me a world of good and motivate/inspire me to aim for more in life…


Here’s one thing that I’ve been contemplating for awhile now, and a recent conversation with a close friend is encouraging me to just go ahead and do it already…


Setup a bi-weekly/monthly “newsletter” for “subscribers” (i.e. donors).


This would be supplementary material to complement the regular updates on this blog… I honestly haven’t spent much time thinking things through yet, but my idea right now is to provide general market updates/thoughts via e-mail on the investments that I currently own and other opportunities that I’m watching… Obviously, mining stocks (gold, silver, clean energy/EV metals, uranium, etc.) are my main focus right now, so those topics will be at the forefront in the near-term… Most likely, eventually I’ll cover cryptocurrencies as well, we’ll see…

This “newsletter” will differ from the “Reshuffling the Deck” posts since I’ll talk about pretty much whatever is going on at the time, regardless if I’m actually buying/selling anything…

It could be something along the lines of: “I spoke to management this week and found out X, Y, Z… so now I’m thinking…


And of course, whatever else “subscribers” want to hear about… I’m very open to suggestions and feedback!


You get the idea… but certainly no buy/sell recommendations since I NEVER give out investment advice… period! Just raw thoughts from someone who tries and follows the markets closely, even though I’m dead wrong a lot of the times and don’t really know shit about anything…


It’ll be my way of giving back something a little extra to all the: friends, family, readers, etc. who have generously donated to and are supporting this site on a regular basis. 🙂


I’ll try and mix in a little alpha spec stuff (spicy sauce), but will probably fixate mostly on beta investment ideas… Straight up — This blog has ALWAYS been about early FI and how to escape the rat race… Most of my best friends are all still working stressful/chaotic/nightmarish jobs and are deeply entrenched in the rat race… looking for a way out… I’m well aware of that and cognizant to the reality that many of my readers don’t have the time/energy/bandwidth/interest to follow up on a lot of this stuff 24/7… These folks typically can’t buy/sell something instantly right after a fresh news release hits because they’re probably too caught up in the lab/meeting somewhere…

It’s all about balance, but I gotta put myself in those busy-bee working shoes again and try and formulate a content plan that gravitates more towards the working professional type of audience… Short-term “buy and flip quickly” speculations probably won’t resonate so strongly… Naturally, this means more of an emphasis needs to be placed on beta investment ideas (which in theory should be much more proven and less volatile) that are more or less speculations on a broader macro picture… If you’re all about alpha (e.g. early-stage exploration mining stocks), this newsletter probably won’t be your cup of tea…


Anyway, this will be something new and exciting!


More details to emerge as this thing takes flight… The first issue should be ready to go and delivered to inboxes next Friday (from Manila)!


In regards to “subscription price”? Honestly, I have no idea what would be considered “fair market value” for my crappy work… It’s entirely up to you, if you’re interested… If you would like to “subscribe” to this new “newsletter” simply make a one-time (or recurring) donation to this site via PayPal:

or cryptocurrency (the preferred payment method is absolutely cryptos) for any amount (for context, folks who are contributing are generally pledging over $10/donation) and you will be added to the subscribers list…

For cryptos, here are the public keys again:


Bitcoin (BTC):




Ethereum (ETH):




Litecoin (LTC):



With cryptos in particular, just be sure to send me an email (fifightervideo@gmail.com) letting me know that you made a donation (i.e. source of the incoming funds and the amount) and provide your preferred e-mail address (this is where the newsletter will be sent to).


Again, this “newsletter” is just meant to be something extra for the generous donors who are helping support all the free content on here (blog posts, podcasts, etc.)… It’s my way of saying THANK YOU!!!


Thanks again everyone!


Fight On!

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Donate Button – Supporting this Blog (If You Want To)

From time to time, I’ve been asked by readers about starting up a paid newsletter subscription… Back then, it was probably to discuss Real Estate Investing (REI), but I’m guessing these days, the bulk of the readers who still follow this site want more information on mining stocks…

Quite frankly, it’s very flattering everytime I get asked that because deep down I feel like I really don’t know jack shit about anything… and I am a bit perplexed why someone would consider paying $$$ for my research/thoughts? Haha, if you haven’t figured it out by now, self-confidence is something that I don’t have much of… Never been into self-promotion and don’t understand it, really…

But with that said, I have to say that I really appreciate the support! 🙂

In fact, I’ve gotten comments like the following as well…

It’s taken me awhile to get around to it, but most recently I did setup a PayPal donation button on the side bar of this blog…

You can find a link here as well.

In truth, I really don’t earn much from ad revenue on this blog, and as readers probably know by now, this website is more a labor of love than anything else… My focus has been almost entirely on content creation as opposed to monetization, which is good I suppose in the sense that the work I’m putting out isn’t encumbered with an “agenda” if you will… Bad in the sense that if this was an actual real business, I would have been fired a long time ago for not knowing the first thing about running a business… which is to you know, actually make money for all the time and effort I’m putting in!

I try and keep things “raw and direct” to the best of my abilities… Yes, sometimes there’s excessive profanity found in my writing… but you know what? Investing is a damn emotional game! I have never met anyone who made/lost huge sums of money and treated it like it wasn’t a big deal… It absolutely is a MONSTER TRUCK sized deal!!! These wins/losses add up to a lot and have a profound impact on our journey to early FI… So, I apologize if I offend anyone with my writing, but I don’t feel the need to tone things down and treat things all “cool and casual” when that couldn’t be farther from the truth… and reality.

After all, what I hear in real life (i.e. private conversations) is exactly that… raw and direct fucking emotions…

Why sugarcoat things?

Let’s keep it real!

And other times, I know, I know, the day-to-day bland monotony (ummm I mean “progress”) isn’t always all that glamorous or exciting… But in any case, my experiences, transactions, mistakes, etc. are all authentic and time capsuled here for you… Hopefully, some of the content that I’ve published throughout the years has been helpful for readers. If you’ve benefited from some trade ideas and made some big profits, that’s even more awesome! I always love hearing success stories from readers!

With that said, as the saying goes, “time is money”… and I do feel like I put in a lot of effort into producing quality content for readers… It’s not always easy….

I am somewhat on the fence about going the route of offering a paid subscription service, though, because quite honestly I feel like the quality of my work would degrade if I felt like I was operating under a “time pressure” and felt the stress involved with having to meet regular deadlines… You know, like working a JOB… that thing I left behind when I finally decided to give early FI a try! And that wouldn’t be fair to subscribers either… You shouldn’t be paying for sub-par content that is more or less forced material being put out just for the sake of meeting a quota… With this blog, I more or less come and go as I please… and produce content randomly at my own leisure…

I guess I would consider it if there’s really enough interest… but the above, that’s my current stance on paid subscription services…

So, yeah, I’m sort of a loose cannon… which is why I think a donate button would work better (for now)… Readers who appreciate any recent blog posts, content, etc., can feel free to contribute as they see fit…

I mean, anything helps and as always I appreciate all the support that I get. 🙂


In the future, though, yes, I would like to sell some ebooks.


Hopefully, there’s good interest for that type of content!




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FI Fighter Is Now on Steemit (July 8, 2017)

The cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and all that new stuff out there that is making a guy like me feel his age are starting to take over the world! Not one to want to be left behind in the dust of antiquity, I thought oh what the hey, I might as well

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Broken Laptop (March 3, 2017)

Hey everyone, I’m writing to you all from my tablet. Unfortunately, I dropped my laptop on the ground and busted the screen so posting will be light until I can head back to the states to get it fixed. I will be heading back to HK on Sunday and then will spend a week there.

Because I want to see some friends again…

And indulge in a few more bowls of Ichiran ramen (which you can only get in: Japan, HK, and NYC).

Then I’m going going back back to Cali Cali…

Anyway, just a few quick thoughts:

  • Alona Beach in Panglao is breathtakingly beautiful. The water is remarkably clear and turquoise… Or whatever green/blue is called.
  • Mining stocks got smashed to bits and I fear the worst is yet to come since a Fed rate hike seems very likely in March now. I have been buying a bunch of Alexco Resource (AXU) and Fortuna Silver (FSM). If the sell off continues I will back up the truck. Volatility in these stocks is perfectly normal so I have no fear. Buy low and sell high… I will try my best to ease my way in and buy in tranches so I don’t use up all my funds all at once. These firesales are the opportunities we all live for as early financial independence fighters.
  • The Philippines is an amazing destination for anyone who loves beaches and sunshine. If that’s your cup of tea, they’ve got it in spades here… Not to mention excellent BBQ, fresh fruits (coconuts, pineapples, mangos, bananas, etc.), friendly locals, and extremely affordable prices… If you are into the rat race and 9-5 grind and stressing out all the time, stay away… Only come here if you want to chill! smile! and enjoy life.

That is all for now…


Back to the beach!


Fight On!

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