We Have Liftoff, I Mean Internet (April 9, 2019)

In the Philippines, there are typically 3 key items that will drive a person crazy (if you’re missing any one of them); they are as follows:

  • Lack of water (Metro Manila ran into this serious problem most recently, as water service was cut off in a few select locations, due to the main supply dams running out of ummmmmm water).
  • Lack of air conditioning (which is why taking care of this critically important item ranked at/near the top of my list upon closing and taking possession of the keys to my new personal residence).
  • Lack of internet (see below)…

As readers may be aware, one of the potential drawbacks of being a digital nomad is that on many instances, there’s just no access to reliable and fast internet. As someone who was essentially living out of a suitcase these past six months, well, you could say my access to “good” internet, overall, has been relatively hit and miss. Sometimes, you luck out, and on other occasions, you’re basically conceding defeat, throwing in the towel, and saying, “Ahhh, screw it. I tried, but it’s just not happening.

For someone who blogs for a living (like me) this can make for a very frustrating situation, because it can occur at any moment and really put the brakes on any progress/momentum that you’re making (or trying to establish).

I mean, I remember when I was vacationing in Guimaras Island/Camiguin Island back in January, and well, I mean even the mobile data wasn’t really functioning, so I more or less was forced to go AWOL until flying back to Manila…

Anyway, as I mentioned in previous posts, I would very much like to put some roots down and establish a more predictable (life) routine, moving forward (i.e. become a lot more consistent with my writing).

Hopefully, today was a step in the right direction, as the Globe installation guys arrived on the scene, and after fiddling with things for a good 2 hours or so, I believe that I FINALLY now have access to reliable/fast/GOOD internet!

To say I’m beyond ecstatic would be a MASSIVE understatement!

Internet is just something I’ve learned never to take for granted because the moment it goes away, wow, life sure can get sucky in a heartbeat…

Here’s the results of a speed test I ran shortly after getting re-connected with the rest of the world again.

Right now, I’ve got the Globe 100 Mbps (unlimited Fiber) plan setup.

From Globe.

Perhaps not “blazingly fast” but for Metro Manila, hot damn, I gotta say the above results are pretty impressive and way faster than anything I ever experienced while renting out an apartment via Airbnb.


And I’m still currently running on wi-fi, so I can only imagine how much FASTER things might get once I switch over to a wired connection!


Shoot, the internet I’ve got hooked up right now actually feels quicker and more responsive than what I was previously running back in the Bay Area (believe it or not).


So yeah, not too bad!


Speaking of the Bay Area, I’ve got near-imminent plans to return.


It’s been fun Manila (and I’m doing my best to get the new place ready to rock n roll as much as possible with my remaining time here), but I’ll have to save the best stuff for later… The Bay Area beckons me “home” and after being away for so long, I must say, I am looking forward to my return flight back to the land of way too expensive.


Family is where the heart is, ALWAYS!


Until next time… I’ve got a lot of updates to get to, now that I’ve FINALLY got internet access again.


Hip, Hip, Hooray!


Fight On!

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No Nonsense Landlord

Having purchased a property just outside of decent cell coverage, and a max of 3 mbps wired connection, I feel your pain.

I was able to rig up an antenna on a 20′ pole and that helped to get a hotspot. Now I have ~10 mbps.