Moving on From Gold… (Soon Enough)

This blog has sort of gone off on a gold tangent, over the last few months or so… Granted, a lot of the reason is because of the following (unexpected) move put in by the yellow metal this summer…

Anyone who has been able to benefit from that nice move up in gold, I’m more than happy for you! If precious metals and/or mining stocks are helping you (even if just a little) shortcut your path to early FI, well, that’s really what it’s all about, ultimately.

For myself, I’ve spent… what is it, the last 4 years or so focused on speculating on “undervalued” assets? Deep Value Investing is what I originally was calling it back in 2015, when I was still very much still new and GREEN to mining stocks…

In hindsight, most of everything that I’ve done up to this point, over the last 4 years, hasn’t been investing at all… It’s speculating.

Nevertheless, I will say that I’ve learned a lot of stuff along the way… But in any event, after 4 years of this stuff, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m very much craving for some change… I mean, I still find the stuff (i.e., market cycles) most fascinating, but c’mon, let’s be real about it, this is also a really intense/stressful/volatile game, speculation it is.

As it pertains to this blog, no, I definitely don’t wanna go on and on and on about precious metals (gold and silver) forever and ever. Honestly, it was never my intention to go this far off the rails, but that’s just the way things went, since it’s very hard to time entry/exit points when speculating (as I’ve learned over the years).

Anyway, right now, gold has got its groove… ummm… I mean luster back, and the sector has definitely re-ignited this summer. Who knows, maybe give it a few more months and retail interest will actually arrive (for once)?

That’s anyone’s guess…


But in any event, right now, I’ve got a Hawaii trip on my agenda, and then I’ll try and wrap things up here in Cali before heading back “home” to Manila, again.


I sincerely hope that readers bear with me until then, and also decide to stick around once this blog undergoes another 180 degree turn (which it has been prone to doing since inception).


I’ve hinted at it on many occasions, but really, I do at some point in time need to re-focus on the path to early FI, again.


That’s what this blog should have always been all about. This mining/gold fixation over the last 4 years was just me going off the beaten path, momentarily… Ok, maybe not momentarily (I got lost in the woods quite a bit)…


With everything that I’ve learned and picked up along the way, straight up, I will say this:


Mining stocks and speculation are NOT suitable for most people; it is exceptionally risky/dangerous/volatile/gut-wrenching/mind-numbing stuff to be associated with.

You gotta be seriously insane in the membrane to be “all in” on this stuff or even “a lot in”, especially if you’re an average retail speculator/investor who doesn’t have loads of time to follow/research/analyze/trade this stuff, on a regular basis.

There are a million (and one) ways to lose money speculating, and the odds for overall success are quite low, really.


Speaking for myself, I’m still very much fascinated by the stuff, I still intend to keep on writing about mining stocks (especially on other platforms), but the PRIMARY focus on this blog is gonna need to go back to trying to help people get to early FI. And yes, I still have intentions to keep putting out newsletters, whenever I have things I wanna say and share with readers.


But moving forward, I’ve got bigger goals to chase after… I mean, we’ve got bigger goals to chase after!


Thanks so much for all the love + support over the years.


Fight On!

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Financial Nordic
1 year ago

Interesting blog! Keep things running !

No Nonsense Landlord

My GLD stock I purchased about 10 years ago is finally almost green again…

The rentals are doing great. Rents are up, mortgages are down. It’s a great stable asset, although not as exciting as the speculation.

1 year ago

Can you see yourself ever going back to dividend stock investing ( I know you like deep value and those arent exactly that atm) but I remember you mentioned you would want to start buying them again eventually.