Camiguin Island Awaits…

Camiguin Island awaits… but first I need to bust my ass and actually get shit done… I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I’m still actively working on finishing the latest Thank You Newsletter #6/clean tech (lithium) ebook

Easier said than done… I know, I know…

And I apologize a thousand times over for taking so long, but in any event, I’m making “progress” and am currently at over 11,000 words…

Here’s a sneak peak…

151 revisions/saves later, and I am still keeping at it!

In life, there’s always gonna be stuff that happens: delays, setbacks, road bumps, procrastination, demotivation, inconsistency, plateau after plateau, etc.

Anyway, I think to accomplish anything “really cool”, it’s so important to just keep chugging along, bit by bit, and eventually (hopefully), we get to accomplish our goals and complete the task(s) at hand…

As always, thanks to everyone who is supporting this blog/work, and who has my back; it won’t be forgotten.


So, now, I’ve got a flight that departs out of Manila this Sunday morning, and well, it’s Tuesday morning now, as I’m sitting here writing this post…


I’d estimate that I’m currently at about 77% complete, and I’m thinking another 30 hours (or so) of serious concentrated GRIND/HUSTLE/IN THE ZONE mindset ought to help me accomplish what I need to get done.


Wish me luck!


Camiguin awaits!


So, it’s time to knuckle up and get serious, again…


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Keep it up Jay! I’m excited for the newsletter. Tesla took a big hit today. One could say that the reward to risk just improved by almost 13%.