Thank You Edition #7 – In Progress Now

These days, real estate is on my mind pretty much all the time, as I work to close out a deal (hopefully in the coming weeks). If all goes well, I’ll have a lot more to share with you guys, and I must say I’m really stoked about it.

With that said, I am also well aware that the mining sector is more or less in shambles right now (especially when we are talking about sectors that have been annihilated like lithium and cobalt), so it makes for interesting times and a lot to talk about.

Recently, some readers have asked me if I’d be willing to share my portfolio holdings, some recent trades, and all that good stuff I used to disclose so freely on this website, in the public eye.

I must say, those “old days” are well behind me now, but as much as I’d like to just step aside from all that (I’ve got nothing left to prove to nobody), sure, I guess from time to time, I’d be willing to disclose some of the stuff I’m still doing with my speculation money.

Not in public anymore, but in a more private scene, with my most supportive/loyal/appreciative readers.

So, in this next Thank You Newsletter, I’ll give subscribers a glimpse into my own speculation portfolio, once again.

Granted, I should add the caveat — I’m the most boring speculator on planet earth right now, so please don’t expect any ideas/thoughts from me that are gonna SHOCK and AWE you.

I’m NOT gonna sensationalize shit, and like I’ve mentioned in recent posts, the Game of Speculation is really, really, bloody tough.

More times than not, to make the gains that I made in the past, it’s all about the simple strategy of:


Buy right and sit tight.


Approximately 99% of the time, it’s all about waiting for paint to dry, while the other 1% is actually spent doing research/analysis/buying/selling/etc.


I mean, that’s the type of game I’m playing, anyway, since I’m a macro trends follower, more than anything else.


Still, I mean, I made good $$$ dabbling in specs myself, in a previous life, so I can of course understand and appreciate the potency they can offer early FI enthusiasts (i.e. specs are stepping stones to helping us achieve even bigger/better life goals, merely Buy and Hold Rentals meant for trading NOT marrying!).

Certainly, I think my overall approach to speculation and the various different asset classes that are out there is more open-minded than what you’ll find on so many other early FI blogs where authors are so adamant to dismiss other ways of making money outside of buying passive index funds, where anything outside that norm is interpreted as being nothing more than outright gambling.


Anyway, truth is, deep down, I really do want to see the average Joe/Jane who is fighting so hard for early FI get there ASAP; if I can help along that journey, I’d be happy to do so.

To me, life is so much more than just about: “How can I make as much $$$ for myself as possible while at the same time saying FUCK YOU to the rest of the world?”

Nah man, I ain’t about all that shady/deceitful/scumbag bullshit.

Life is too short. You gotta do other people right. And Karma’s a total bitch, best believe that.

So yeah, the markets are down a lot (but not out!) right now, so let’s get started writing up the next newsletter.


Since I’ve still got real estate stuff to take care of, I’m gonna give myself some breathing room and aim to get this newsletter out in the next 2 weeks or so.


Thanks for all the support, understanding, and encouragement.


Fight On!



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