Personal Residence #1 – Another Renovation Update (April 12, 2019)

Well, yesterday sure was a busy day.

  • Painting
  • Water heater installation
  • Shower enclosure measurement
  • Etc.

Yours truly was busy writing up an article covering Sarama Resources while the following work was going on inside the unit…

It’s pretty warm/hot in the Philippines all year round, so I wouldn’t say having access to a water heater is absolutely critical, but it’s still nice to have for showers.

Here’s what the shower looked like just prior to the upgrade.

And now after — I’ve tried out the following setup just once so far, and luckily, I’m very happy with the initial results.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I went with a cheaper “no name” rainfall shower set, and wasn’t really sure what to expect… but everything is AWESOME, again, thus far…

I don’t think I got the color I was quite looking to match with the paint, but oh wellz, close enough…

The painting crew worked hard all day and did an excellent job; I made sure to provide them plenty of water and food, too.

Here’s a before shot of the walls (magnified by the harsh “yellow” lighting, but I wanted to emphasize the yellowness of how things used to look).

And an after photo (accentuated with much cooler daylight LED lighting).

I’m aiming to re-paint the bathroom as well, sometime next week so that I can eliminate the yellowness from my apartment entirely, heh.

Baboy Inc (aka FI Fighter Studios) is slowly taking shape and coming together…

  • A/C and floor fan combo for cooling… Check!
  • Wi-fi (super fast 100 Mbps fiber plan)… Check!
  • Water heater for hot showers… Check!
  • White LED lights… Check!
  • Repainting (entire unit sans bathroom)… Check!
  • New dining table/workstation + chairs… Check!
  • Etc.


Fight On!

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