Financial Independence: My First Encounter

Financial independence is a dream of mine, but to discover how it came to be involves retracing back to the early days of my youth. During this period of time, financial independence didn’t yet exist for me, but pure, unrestricted play time was something I truly embraced. In fact, my first recollections of desiring to be free take me all the way back to the beginning of grade school. I used to dread the end of Summer, as this signaled

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Real Estate Investing: Getting Started and Testing the Waters


With interest rates now as low as 3.875%, for a 30 year fixed home loan, I recently decided to entertain the idea of investing in real estate. The main appeal in dividend investing, as it pertains to early financial independence, is to create a passive income stream that generates enough cash flow to exceed monthly expenditures. When investing in stocks, one of the first rules

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