New to the Yakezie Challenge!

I am excited to announce that has signed up for the Yakezie Challenge! Yakezie’s motto is “selflessly helping others”. I have only been on the forums for about a week, and must say, it has already been a wonderful experience. The members there are truly first class, offering great tips and unparalleled support.

Although FI Fighter is a relatively new website, I am committed to growing this over the long haul.  As part of the challenge, I will need to post 2-4 quality entries each week, for the next 6 months. Here are more details of the challenge:

We are starting with an Alexa ranking of: 6,243,918

The challenge of building up will run parallel with the path to early financial independence. Let’s get started! 🙂

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Thad P @

Welcome to the challenge! Hang on! It’s a fun ride.

Rich@Life Compass Blog

Great to meet you here and in the Yakezie Forum. Welcome!


Welcome to the party, FI! My partner OG and I started the challenge at the beginning of December. We’ve met a ton of great people who are willing to help whenever we need a hand.

I’d like to also extend that hand…if you need help, feel free and shoot me a note. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I’m happy to share stories about the walls we’ve hit.

If there was one thing I’d wished someone told me when I started that I didn’t know until later, it’s this: don’t pay too much attention to your Alexa ranking. That’ll come down with the territory. Write good content, build a community and be a good team player with other Yakezies (and other bloggers in general). The rest takes care of itself.


Keep active in the forums, comment/network and your ranking will drop in no time. I know because I joined in March and mine has dropped quite a bit. Have fun in the challenge!

Robert @ The College Investor

Welcome to the challenge and good luck! Keep interacting and meeting members, and you’ll get there in no time!


[…] Fi Fighter is new to the Yakezie Challenge so make sure you stop by to check out the site! […]

Kurt @ Money Counselor

Good luck FI Fighter, see you on the Yakezie forum!

Kris @ BalancingMoneyandLife

Good for you for jumping in right away! I rally need to get signed up – I procrastinate something awful. Good luck with the challenge!

Financial Samurai

Good luck mate!


Nice work FI Fighter, sure you’ve become a massive blog superstar and looking forward to following your rise to this over the last 4 and a bit years through your archive!

Love your work 🙂