How I Walked Away From A $200,000/Year “Dream Job” At 31 To Live My Life

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They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In my own case, the path to early financial independence did indeed begin in 2012 when I first decided to take the simple action of starting a blog and declaring to the world:

“I desperately desire to be unplugged from the Matrix.”

Knowing definitively what you want out of life is oftentimes more than half the battle. For me, once I was able to hone in and figure out continue reading at InvestmentZen

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4 years ago

Congratulation on walking away and deciding to find your own path in life. However, I have to believe that your career was just a job and not a dream job.

Who walks away from a true “dream job” permanently after only about a decade of working in that field unless they don’t enjoy it much any longer. There aren’t many star athletes, A list movie stars, rock stars, or billionaire entrepreneurs who walk away permanently in their early 30s as long as they’re able to perform at a high level.


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