Close, but no Cigar (January 22, 2019)

Close, but no cigar… Prior to boarding a plane and going on a quick vacation, I got to about 95% completion on the latest Thank You Newsletter/Lithium ebook.

I was putting in 10-12 hour days writing during the past week to try and wrap things up for you guys, but alas, I just couldn’t get it done on time…

And the last two days, I’ve essentially had no access to internet…

Right now, I’m in Bacolod.

Unfortunately, I spent a day in Guimaras Island yesterday (picture of Alubihod Beach is shown as the cover slide of this post), and I think I came down with the start of a cold/flu. Feeling pretty terrible as of now, which really sucks as I was hoping to mix in some writing while in Bacolod.

Alas, it is what it is.

Sorry again for all the delays folks, I’m doing the best that I can… Once I shake this bug, I’ll get back to it and hopefully get this latest ebook project completed before the end of the month…


We’re at over 20,000 words now and I keep finding more stuff to add… Thanks for all the support everyone!


Fight On!


All the best,


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Thank You Edition #6 – In Progress Now

The markets have been BLOODY RED as of late (some more than others), and as readers know very well, usually when there’s a lot of pain being felt, I start to pay more attention… Trying to look for opportunities.

Easier said than done (2018 has certainly been a most humbling year for many investors/speculators), but hey, we have to try don’t we?

Here’s a broader, macro view of 2018 performance across various sectors…

Coupled with the fact that we are nearing the end of the year (most everyone is on holiday/vacation), there’s most likely a lack of interest (liquidity) in certain names, and if history is to be used as a guide, some of the best deals typically become available during December…

I mean, just look at the chart below, and you should be clearly able to see that certain sectors like lithium have been absolutely annihilated in 2018…

Can we say life-changing LOSSES, for those unfortunate enough to have “backed up the truck” near the top?!?

Despite strong evidence that electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to enter a hyper-growth phase and some big $$$ deals having taken place in the past few months…

Buying opportunity or is it a trap?!?

Who really knows, but as someone who has seen his fair share of booms and busts while dabbling in the mining space, I’m inclined to guess that it’s the former as opposed to the latter

But really, it’s anyone’s guess and as always, I don’t know jack shit about anything… so please keep this in mind and speculate at your own risk!


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned which just keeps on repeating over and over again:


Retail investors buy with no fear during market rallies, interim tops… These same retail investors cry a river and panic sell out of their positions when there’s blood in the street, capitulating at interim bottoms…


In the Game of Speculation, it’s all about FEAR and GREED that dictates what people will do with their money…


Right now, in some sectors, there is a paramount of FEAR, and from a risk vs. reward perspective, these industries are the ones that appeal the most to me…


Anyway, I’ll be sharing my full thoughts in the next newsletter which I promise I will be working hard on to finish and release before Christmas!


Happy Hunting!


Wishing your family and you all the best,



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Thank You Edition #5 – In Progress Now

For this next issue, I am mostly going to focus entirely on talking about clean energy metals (lithium and cobalt).

Well, mostly lithium…

It’s pretty UGLY out there right now, and just like summer 2016 and summer 2017, it’s just that time of year when clean energy stocks decide to take a major dump…

As readers may recall from summer 2016.

Summer 2018 certainly hasn’t shaped up to be much better…


When it comes down to it, there’s nothing fancy at all with mining stocks and speculation…


Buy low and sell high.


Everyone knows it, but very few can do it b/c it’s extremely difficult/frustrating/scary to buy when something is going down precipitously… and keeps declining more and more with each passing day.


And everyone knows it’s impossible trying to time the market, attempting to pick out bottoms… If you’re wrong, it’s akin to “catching a falling knife.”




In contrast, people like to chase momentum and FOMO their way into positions… When that happens, they initially feel great b/c the stock is moving in the right direction… UP!


But if you hold on for too long and sentiment reverses again, the ride back down can be brutal!


Anyway, I’ll be going over some thoughts soon enough.


Stay tuned!





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Thank You Edition #4 – In Progress Now

I’m still going through a lot of stuff (doh!), and as I’ve mentioned in recent posts, there are still a buncha moving parts and things going on behind the scenes that need to be resolved before I can exit out of some terrible investments gone ummmm even more terribly wrong (lame sauce).

Anyway, as I work to navigate myself out of a very difficult situation (in other words, I will no doubt walk away losing a boatload of $$$), I’m gonna try and remain positive and focus on stuff that is not only fun (for a change), but also much, much, much more fulfilling. One can only stomach so much soul-sucking suckitude before you feel the need to turn the page and re-engage with stuff that actually makes you happy!

So, now is about the time I get back to writing the next issue of the Thank you Edition, which is episode #4.

Learn more about the Thank You Edition newsletter, here.

I’ll be sharing with readers some investment thoughts and a big picture update to my overall portfolio.

Will try and get the issue out before next week (hopefully).


Thank you all very much for your patience.




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Thank You Edition #3 – Delay In Release

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to leave a quick note here on what I’m up to these days… Currently, I’m working on writing up a “Getting Started in Cryptos” tutorial guide, basically how to setup an account on exchanges, and going over the basics…

For the most part, I’ve been spending the last month getting up to speed on Cryptoverse and learning the ropes on how Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) work… It’s been a bit of a learning curve… I’m slowly but surely figuring things out…

I realize that I’m a little late on releasing the latest newsletter, Thank You Edition #3, so please bear with me as I look to get that out to you before the end of the month… In the next issue, I will be going over some of the ICOs that I’m getting into and the ones that I’m watching (the next wave to hit) most closely…

As I mentioned in the last post, some buddies of mine got into SelfKey ICO, and made 3-5x gains over a weekend (insane but true)… I missed out b/c I made some newb mistakes, but live and learn…

Anyway, Alpha cryptos (ICOs) are an extremely exciting and HOT space to be in right now, and one that is definitely worth monitoring closely if you’re a speculator (gambler) who wants to try and generate some outsized returns in your portfolio with a minimal amount of capital… But seriously, cryptos aren’t for everyone, so please do your own research, due diligence, and assess your own tolerance for risk and volatility before jumping in (it’s the Wild Wild West, indeed).

I’ll also share my thoughts on the macro markets and the mining sector as a whole, since a bulk of my portfolio is still comprised of beta mining stocks.


Bottom line — I’m just a fan of opportunity and a totally agnostic investor. I am NOT “all in” on cryptos and abandoning the mining sector entirely… Further, I enjoy learning and I will admit it’s pretty cool to learn something new that I previously knew absolutely nothing about.


As always, I just want to pass on any insights, learnings, interesting stuff that I pick up along the way with you all.


Thanks for all your patience and ongoing support!




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