Thank You Edition #6 – In Progress Now

The markets have been BLOODY RED as of late (some more than others), and as readers know very well, usually when there’s a lot of pain being felt, I start to pay more attention… Trying to look for opportunities.

Easier said than done (2018 has certainly been a most humbling year for many investors/speculators), but hey, we have to try don’t we?

Here’s a broader, macro view of 2018 performance across various sectors…

Coupled with the fact that we are nearing the end of the year (most everyone is on holiday/vacation), there’s most likely a lack of interest (liquidity) in certain names, and if history is to be used as a guide, some of the best deals typically become available during December…

I mean, just look at the chart below, and you should be clearly able to see that certain sectors like lithium have been absolutely annihilated in 2018…

Can we say life-changing LOSSES, for those unfortunate enough to have “backed up the truck” near the top?!?

Despite strong evidence that electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to enter a hyper-growth phase and some big $$$ deals having taken place in the past few months…

Buying opportunity or is it a trap?!?

Who really knows, but as someone who has seen his fair share of booms and busts while dabbling in the mining space, I’m inclined to guess that it’s the former as opposed to the latter

But really, it’s anyone’s guess and as always, I don’t know jack shit about anything… so please keep this in mind and speculate at your own risk!


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned which just keeps on repeating over and over again:


Retail investors buy with no fear during market rallies, interim tops… These same retail investors cry a river and panic sell out of their positions when there’s blood in the street, capitulating at interim bottoms…


In the Game of Speculation, it’s all about FEAR and GREED that dictates what people will do with their money…


Right now, in some sectors, there is a paramount of FEAR, and from a risk vs. reward perspective, these industries are the ones that appeal the most to me…


Anyway, I’ll be sharing my full thoughts in the next newsletter which I promise I will be working hard on to finish and release before Christmas!


Happy Hunting!


Wishing your family and you all the best,



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Sam Red
Sam Red
1 year ago

Really looking forward to it! Cannot wait to read it.

1 year ago

Always love the Thank You Edition Posts! Are you still following BGS in the lithium space? A lot has happened with the company in the last month.