Hong Kong – I Will Miss You Dearly!

When it comes to life, everyone knows that you’ve got to approach things with an open mind. I mean, the more you know about ANYTHING, the more humble you become and the more you realize that you don’t actually know jack shit at all…

Well, that’s been my approach, anyway, and now that I’m back in the Bay Area and reflecting on the past nine months of my life, I’m more convinced than ever that having that type of mentality is the right one to take when approaching life.

Take Hong Kong for example… Nine months ago, I had no earthly idea whether or not I would like the country or not… You know, I heard stories from both camps… Some people told me they loved HK, while an even larger number of folks told me they couldn’t stand HK and never wanted to return back there…

Hmmm…. When you don’t know something, who do you trust?

About this time last year, I came to the conclusion that the ONLY way for me to know for certain would be to actually fly out there myself, live in HK for a few months, and then form my own conclusion and thoughts on things…

Nine months later, and here we are today…

First off, nobody should ever take anything I say at face value… As was stated at the beginning of this post, I really don’t know jack shit about anything… I never did and I never will…

That’s just the truth and reality.

As it pertains to HK though, well, I dunno what the naysayers were all complaining about (outside of the obscene rent, I guess), but my experience really couldn’t have gone any better…

Long story short — I am in love with HK. I had the time of my life while I was there and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything! I got to embrace a brand new culture, make a ton of new friends, immerse myself in improving my Cantonese speaking skills, and you know, just embark on a whole new chapter in my life.

To me, life is all about the experiences, and yes, having more money is always a goal for everyone, but really, there comes a point in time where you just want to say:

“Screw money. There are more important things in life than just $$$. I want to grow and evolve as a human being.”

In HK, I really tried hard to just forget about the past and start anew again… Call it a “quarter/mid life crisis” or what have you, but it was a breath of fresh air for a once super deprived and “trapped in a bubble” engineer who had never lived outside of California before in his life…

Now, I’ve got many go to spots across the globe that I’m comfortable and fond of enough to call my “home”.

I’ve got many “homes” now… and I couldn’t be more grateful. In the future, I’ll look to become intimately familiar and well versed in many more countries and cultures… Quite frankly, embracing the unknown is the best way that I know of to grow and mature as a person… I no longer have a USA-centric only view on the world and life, and I now have many, many more life experiences to draw from.

It’s a wonderful, most liberating feeling… and I want a whole lot more of it!


Before I came back to the Bay Area, I told myself that I wanted to enjoy (devour) many more bowls of Ichiran Ramen… just because.

So, I did…

Front entrance at Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) shop.

Lots of people, as usual.

My custom order.

Here we go! With extra meat and refill noodles too!

And here are some pics from the airport, Wing Lounge.

Pre-flight indulgence.

So many tasty options.

My meal.

Business class on Cathay Pacific back home to the Bay Area.


Main course.

Breakfast, eight hours later.

HK style milk tea… Delicious!


Gotta run and take care of some errands now!


More updates to come soon!


HK, I can’t wait to go back and experience Round 2!


Fight On!

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3 years ago

Travel to new places is always interesting. You should try a complete different cultures the next time in your travels. Go check out the different countries in Europe, India, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. They all have their unique cultures. Heck you can even do a long cross country trip and see how different cultures in parts of US is. Cheers.