Just Keep Writing (May 28, 2019)

Yup, I’ve still been busy writing away… Here’s some more Seeking Alpha articles for you guys…

As I mentioned last time around, right now, I’m just looking for ways to give back to the community… As it pertains to early FI, I think you’ll agree that there’s a plethora of resources out there if you’re looking to learn more about stuff like:

  • Paying off debt
  • Index Investing
  • Dividend Growth Investing
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Etc.

Absolutely nothing wrong with the above topics (which are time tested and proven to help someone get to early FI if they can master the principles behind it)! No doubt, eventually at some point, I’d also like to write ebooks covering some of the above topics as well… just not at this particular moment in time as I’m still very much trying to get over the grieving process so my mind isn’t in the right place to tackle stuff like ebooks just yet…


With that said, for now while I’m back in California, when I think about stuff like:


“What can I bring to the table?”


Naturally, given my track record with some more under the radar/esoteric stuff like mining stocks, well, I think it’s a decent starting point, since not too many people have made (or try to make) the connection that a “shortcut” to early FI can be paved through the means of speculation… Obviously, going down this “path less travelled” is filled with landmines and lots of dangers everywhere, so it’s not meant for everyone! Really, if you want to try alternative stuff (dabble, no one ever said you have to go all in!!!) to help you get to early FI, it’s gonna take a lot of studying, research, learning, and it’s definitely NOT easy at all!

So, I’m just trying to share a lot of the stuff that I learned along the way… And right now, because mining stocks are down in the dumps (again), it makes me think back to the summer of 2015… when I really dove deep down that rabbit hole…

As a refresher for any new readers here:

Of course, no guarantees that things will play out in the same manner this time around, but you know that whole saying of “buy low and sell high” right? Well, if you can execute it just right, you may be able to do the following (or better) once all the dust settles:


You get the idea…


Market cycles.

Highs and lows.

Booms and busts.


That’s mining… so when the merchandise is cheap and the masses hate it, well, I’ll be talking more and more about it. Makes perfect sense, right?


Fight On!

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