Water Fasting: Day 10 (April 25, 2016)

We are now on Day 10 of water fasting. Just as I expected, starting around Day 7 or Day 8, I started observing some rather significant changes… During the first week, I did have some difficulties battling hunger pains, but those have now more or less subsided. Blemishes are now more pronounced and protruding out (perhaps a sign that they are the next targets for elimination), my mouth is reconstituting itself (skin is peeling off), dull pain is now sharp and intense, and my breath is metallic and very dry. My tongue now also features a heavy, thick white coating (sorry for all the details!). I am sleeping decently but have some pretty bad back pain as I’m probably in bed too much… I’ve lost about 12 pounds or so thus far.

For the most part, my mental clarity is still good and I feel like I’m in good enough shape to keep going for another 5 days or so.

Could I do 21 days? Maybe, but I doubt I will attempt such a long water fast this time around…

I think I’ll save such an ambitious task for when I’m on a tropical island in much warmer climate… When it comes to water fasting, weather can make all the difference in the world. Definitely, it is much preferable to fast in a warm climate, and right now, the weather in the Bay Area is pretty mild.

Oh well, I think I’m getting what I want out of this latest session, anyway.


Fight On!

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Investment Hunting
4 years ago

Wow, and you signed up to do this! The side effects sound unpleasant, but 12 pounds lost is fantastic. I wonder if it will stay off or come right back as you reintroduce a normal diet.

4 years ago

Man that’s intense. I’ve done some intermittent fasting for 36 hours or so but never longer than that due to the risk of muscle loss and metabolic changes. Regardless of me not agreeing with the length of your fast, it is still great to clean it up every once in a while mentally and physically. Just don’t do it for fat loss.


Nice work. I’m about to start a 7-14 day water only fast on Thursday. I’ve done one 14 day fast at the True North health clinic and one 7 day fast at home. I’ve got a specific issue which responds really well to fasting. It’s certainly not easy to do but we’ll worth it when you see health benefits. Keep up the good work.

4 years ago

It has been a while for me to visit here and you were fasting? That’s amazing. Hopefully you came out alive and are doing well!