Spring Cleaning – Water Fasting for Better Health

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Out here in the Bay Area, it finally looks like the rainy season has come to an end… maybe… In any event, the weather is starting to warm up again and it’s feeling more and more like spring. With that said, I thought now would be as good at time as any to initiate some spring cleaning. No, not in the traditional sense, although I do have a ton of clutter that I need to sort out before I can check out of Silicon Valley for good and embark for Hong Kong, the site of the next chapter of this journey…

But before we can get from Point A to Point B, I first need to “fix” myself. So, starting today, I’m going to start a Waster Fasting regimen… Just as it sounds, I will be consuming nothing but pure H20… No food, no juice, no calories…

For a good 7-14 days… maybe longer, but we’ll see…

At this point, I haven’t made up my mind how long I want to undertake this water fast for… In all fairness, water fasting is something that I’ve done before in the past (14 days), and I had a great experience the last time around, which partially explains why I’m so anxious to start Round 2 again.

Long story short, most of the diseases and illnesses that plague us today are a consequence of dietary excess. Contrary to popular belief, most of us don’t need more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to cure what ails us… Actually, compared to previous generations, we all “live and indulge like kings”, which is actually the reason why we are as sick as we are. Most people consume diets that are far too rich, if anything… When you water fast, essentially, you’re giving your body the ability to conserve energy (that would otherwise be spent digesting food), so that it can better utilize its strength to “spring clean”. This means that the body will autolyze itself, digesting: debris, waste products, cysts, and other damaged/diseased components in order to survive. Typically, by Day 3, our reserve supply of liver glycogen is depleted and we enter a state of ketosis… This is when the magic really starts to happen!

All I can say from my own experience is that water fasting works… There is nothing in nature that is more anti-inflammatory for the body than when you’re on a water fast, consuming nothing but pure water. There are no magic pills, or silver bullets needed… Nature has provided a most potent weapon to fight disease that most people aren’t even aware of. In the past, I’ve noticed that by Day 7, the body enters into a “new state” and starts to wash away a lot of the aches and pains… I’ve met a few people who have cured arthritis through water fasting, in conjunction to switching over to a whole foods, organic diet comprised of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, I’ve talked to a few others who have said that Day 14+ is another transitional phase, but I never made it that far last time around, so I can’t attest to that. Some people go for up to 30 days in their treatments, but that sounds kind of extreme to me… I think my own cutoff point would have to be around 21 days, at most.

And if you’re concerned about losing too much muscle mass, don’t be… The body is infinitely smart in its wisdom of knowing what to prioritize for eradication. Muscle and the vital organs will be spared as long as there is a “better” fuel source to consume first… For most of us, this means killing off waste products and toxins that are trapped deep inside, first and foremost, that are almost impossible to flush out using prescription pills.


If anyone wants to learn more about water fasting, I would strongly suggest they watch the following educational video:



Disclaimer: Water fasting decreases blood pressure significantly! While on a water fast, if you try to get up from a lying position too fast, you will feel dizzy and lightheaded. The most common accident that occurs is someone who falls down in the shower because they pass out. For the most part, when on a water fast, a person should minimize physical activity as much as possible… You’re really supposed to do NOTHING except rest and recuperate, preferably while lying in bed. I would NOT recommend anyone undergo water fasting therapy unless under the supervision of a trained and licensed/certified medical staff!


Learn More: True North Health Center


For those wondering how you can cut back expenses post-FI, well, here’s a way… Consume NOTHING but pure water!


I’m just kidding, of course, but sometimes being “even more frugal” is just what the doctor ordered…


With that said, I’ll be chilling out in bed for the next week or two, so unfortunately, I won’t be able to write or keep this blog updated… I’ll try and get back to emails and texts as soon as I can. All in all, I expect to emerge from this “ordeal” stronger and better than ever before…


I hope.


Fight On!


P.S. That intro picture is the meal that I’m looking forward to consuming when this water fasting therapy is completed!

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4 years ago

I do daily intermittent fasting and then also throw in one or two full 24 hour fast weekly. I do think it’s a great way to keep your body weight in check and the research on the benefits seems promising. What were the benefits you personally experienced last time you did the fast? 14 days seems long is there a point where the hunger subsides or does it come and go during the 14 days? Look forward to hearing back when you finish. Good luck!

4 years ago


I have never tried something like this but it sounds like common sense to me. Especially in the part where the body saves energy from digesting food (mainly meat in my case). My own efforts are limited to reducing the amount of food eaten at dinner.

I hope everything goes well for you and then you will share the experience at the end of this exercise.


Investment Hunting
4 years ago

It’s definitely sunny in the bay area. I went to my sons Lacrosse game yesterday morning in San Jose and got a sunburn. I’m interested in hearing the results of your experience.

Smart Money MD
4 years ago

Would be interesting to see how you feel after you go through your fasting/water cycle. I’d be wary of doing this if you have any underlying kidney issues.

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures abroad!

Mrs. Budgets @MrandMrsBudgets

I’ve heard of the Whole30 diet which I’ve thought of doing for many of the health benefits you’ve stated. But I haven’t pulled the trigger because it seems so expensive, you have to buy all organic and only grass fed beefs. I’ve never heard of a water fast to reap the same benefits and this would be much cheaper. The hard part for me though would be doing nothing for 14 days.

Brian - Rental Mindset

I’ve been considering this since it has been discussed several times on Tim Ferriss’s podcast. I am cutting out sugar for a while, which I hope leads to easier intermittent fasting, then maybe I can attempt something like this!


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