The Importance of Home

To be honest, when I closed my last real estate deal way back in 2015 (wow, time flies so freekin fast!), I really had some passing thoughts at the time that I might be done buying…

For good…

I mean, I knew I was planning on walking away from Corporate America, and not knowing what the future holds, I was more or less content with the real estate portfolio I had already built up for myself.

Yes, although even back in 2015, I knew I owned a few dog shit properties (i.e. Shitcago rentals), I still did take much comfort/solace in knowing that I also held a few gems in the Bay Area, as well…

So, I was satiated, to say the least…

In regards to post-FI, yeah, I had every inclination to travel around a lot, see and explore new places, but I dunno, without the benefit of hindsight, it’s really tough to try and peer through a murky crystal ball in an attempt to determine what would eventually umm eventuate for yourself (and your life) in the intervening years ahead.

Fast forward to the here and now, though, and as I mentioned in the last post, the last 3 years have been AMAZING! Yet, after enough time, I’m finding myself longing to anchor down and call some place my “home”.

After some soul searching, I truly believe that I have found such an address — Bonifacio Global City (BGC), located in Manila (Philippines).


So yeah, the next step for me is to take that (scary) leap of faith and try to close out a deal.


In many ways, as you guys probably know by now, I’ve wanted to settle down and “get back to work already, you lazy ass!”. Not in the conventional sense, but to tackle on some new projects, experiment, take risks, and importantly (to add value to this world and blogging community): write, write, write, and write some more.

No sugarcoating it, I’ve really failed tremendously and haven’t made anywhere near the amount of progress that I want/need to be making.

It’s easy to come up with excuses, of course…

I’m NOT proud of my “lack of progress” by any means, but sometimes, life happens… I won’t go over the exact details, but my life really has changed a lot (mostly for the better) in the last six months, for various reasons…

As it pertains to “lack of progress” (due again, mostly to some monumental life changes), here are some other things that impacted me; for sure, the following are convenient (true but lame) excuses, for your amusement…

  • Sometimes there’s slooooow internet (SE Asia ain’t exactly known for blazing internet speeds, particularly available inside of cheap rental units).
  • Sometimes there’s no internet (wtf!).
  • Sometimes the apartment lighting really sucks… and the nearby cafe that you like most is closed.
  • Sometimes you know you should be writing but instead you’re researching and reading too many forums and having conversations with too many people (I love you guys, but damn time flies when we’re yapping away). After many hours, you actually feel productive despite not having completed a single published (public) writing task. Doh!
  • Sometimes you just ate too much at lunch and even the accompanying coffee can’t save you from crashing (writing be damned). You wake up a few hours later, and get distracted by something else (of course).
  • Sometimes the chronic pains flare up (for real) and you’re like shit, I really should take it easy on myself today and not REKT my health more by causing/introducing even more inflammation (repetitive stress, no matter how “gentle” can/will do that).
  • Etc.

So yeah, to say that the last six months or so that I’ve been back in Asia has been smooth sailing would be a lie, nope, it hasn’t always been easy jumping around from one apartment to the next…

Sure, a lot of that stuff comes with the territory, but besides all that, moreover, after oh so many times of moving around, I think eventually, it’s kind of human nature to just wanna stay put for awhile longer…


Being able to establish a routine is so important for making incremental (consistent) progress in whatever it is we are doing or wanna do…


Settle in, lock n load, n get your ass back to work!



With that said, for me, traveling has been especially rewarding because I’ve gotten to explore and experience so many new sights and sounds… Now, I think I’ve gotten a lot of the novelty stuff out of my system… After traveling around the globe, seeing so many places (e.g. Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Southwestern United States, etc.), I think I’ve developed a pretty good idea of what/where I wanna be for the longer haul.


Alas, I am on the hunt for yet another property, this time a personal residence.


A place I can turn to, a place I can call home.


Fight On!

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