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Mining Stocks

The last year and a quarter (or so) have been absolutely horrendous for clean energy enthusiasts who are dabbling in stocks related to the raw materials (metals) needed for constructing lithium-ion batteries.

Even the popular [continue reading…]


When it comes to mining stocks, getting involved and dabbling in early stage exploration companies is extremely risky business. Unless you’re a skilled geo, got geo buddies who know their shit and can help you better gauge risk vs. reward (to see if it’s favorable at all), really, as a retail speculator you’re going to not only have to commit a tonne of time/bandwidth/energy towards conducting proper (concentrated) research, but also masterfully time your entry and exit points (good luck, you’ll need lots of it!).

As someone who previously had relatively good success in the past messing around in this [continue reading…]


Owning the Best Assets (Keeping Things Real Simple)

There’s a lot of ways to make money and a million more ways to lose even more of it… If experience has taught me anything (and I believe it has), straight up, investing/speculating becomes infinitely easier when you remember to keep your eyes on the [continue reading…]


Cobalt Blues (What a TrainREKT)…

A most humbling year, 2018 was for many sectors… Outside of cryptocurrencies, perhaps no other sector got trainREKT as bad as cobalt…

2018 started off auspiciously enough with the “key ingredient” found in [continue reading…]


Video Content Update (January 5, 2019)


Video content updates for the [continue reading…]