Video Content Update (January 5, 2019)


Video content updates for the week, up to January 5, 2019. Enjoy!


Have a great weekend!


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1 year ago

Great videos. Your work is very inspiring! Do you book the apartments through Airbnb or some sort of VRBO? I thought I had a relatively minimalist amount of belongings but I just had to move everything from NY to CA and saw exactly how much stuff I have. It’s time for a major garage sale!

You mentioned how loud the traffic is out there. Imagine how much quieter (and cleaner) cities will be when EVs hit 50% or more of the cars on the road.
Hope all is well out there!

1 year ago

Hi Jay, thanks a lot for all the insightful articles and videos, I have been following your blog and Youtube channel for a while and appreciate you sharing your thoughts on life and the financial markets on a regular basis. I’m also eagerly awaiting a bigger upswing in mining and commodities while going short the equity markets. I have a random question: how much rent do they charge for one of those studio apartments you’re currently living in? And is this considered the upscale downtown location of Manila? How do you like the rest of the city? Many thanks and… Read more »