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Mining Stocks

Gold -$1,400/oz (FINALLY)!

Being a contrarian isn’t easy at all… but these are the moment’s that you hope and pray for…


Gold just broke through $1,400/oz… FINALLY!!!


Hold above that level, and it’s game on…


BRIM NATION let’s go!!!


Yup, we are certainly getting there with the spot price of gold currently trading at $1,390/oz… The first “real” test? $1,400/oz of course. Now, will gold be able to get there and take it out in one [continue reading…]


Gold on the Verge of Breaking Out (June 19, 2019)

Gold is getting awfully close to knocking on the door of $1,400/oz. Today, after the Fed FOMC meeting, gold started it’s next leg up breaking through heavy resistance around ~$1,350/oz range… Surprisingly (or not), the yellow metal managed to rise up and above $1,380/oz (briefly), but has since lost some steam and is cooling off a bit…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but like I’ve been saying, anytime [continue reading…]


Gold and Silver (June 14, 2019)

Gold and silver have been ranged bound for so long, precious metals have become a rather boring sector to follow in recent years… And even though the gold/silver ratio is skewed like crazy right now, my own personal belief is that [continue reading…]


Mining Stocks and Cryptocurrencies (April 12, 2019)

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of private messages/emails/etc. from folks who are perhaps more keen than ever to tuning into beaten up/hated/discarded sectors. In particular, mining stocks and cryptos are eliciting much interest.

With mining stocks, some of the favorite sectors [continue reading…]