Owning the Best Assets (Keeping Things Real Simple)

There’s a lot of ways to make money and a million more ways to lose even more of it… If experience has taught me anything (and I believe it has), straight up, investing/speculating becomes infinitely easier when you remember to keep your eyes on the prize:


Owning World Class Tier 1 Assets.


FYI, in case you were wondering, the cover pic of this post above shows an apartment complex located in Hong Kong (yup, doesn’t matter how dilapidated the houses are out here, this is fucking prime real estate we are talking about, and worth a shit ton of $$$). Pay attention, newbs. World Class Tier 1 ftw, baby!


As readers of this blog know, I’m an agnostic investor, so my allegiance is to early FI and early FI alone.

It ain’t easy NOT being focused on a singular asset class, but hey, whatever, I’m investing/speculating for early FI (hopefully for perpetuity), NOT trying to win some popularity contest!


I mean, would you rather win, or be well-liked, followed, and one with the masses?


Since this blog has never been more unloved than it is today, I’m guessing if you’re still here and reading this, you’re gonna go with the former and elect to be a contrarian in the crowd, too (misery loves company).

For myself, it should be pretty clear by now that my track record speaks for itself and makes me an obvious contrarian (just like you!)…

  • Even today, I wanna own property in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) when most people have never even heard of the place, so naturally, they think I’m batshit crazy (yet again)… and dumber than a pile of rocks. Why not just buy in the Bay Area and generate NEGATIVE cash flow, instead, pundits wonder? Hah! Yeah, not happening…
  • Etc.


I mean, at this rate, the way cryptos have been scorched off the face of the earth, it won’t be long before I’m intrigued to get back into that game, as well, I foresee…


Anyway, when in doubt, again, I believe investing/speculating can be made so much easier if we just remember to focus on owning the best assets on earth (irregardless of asset class) at the lowest prices possible.


Right now, in mining, particularly in sectors such as lithium and cobalt, everything has been so bombed out that it’s a total buyer’s market!


Even in the precious metals sector, there are still plenty of good deals to be found.

Ditto for uranium, where everybody already knows how I feel about NexGen Energy (NXE); again, the “best of the best” in the entire sector, trading at/near 52 week lows.

In the game of investing/speculating, everyone seems to always want to “one up” the next person, treat everything like a pissing contest, and try and outsmart the next guy/gal so that we can brag about it later, to whoever…

And even though in the past I had stupid luck (I’m talking really stupid) gambling on shit stocks that later went up 2-10x, with the benefit of hindsight, man, I was taking on some really insane/crazy/outright dumb high-risks, in the process…

Luck, absolutely.

Talent, please… as if…

Yup, unfortunately for yours truly, I’m a total fucking realist when it comes to being grounded with reality, so nope, even if I got insanely lucky with my gambling in the past, I ain’t gonna pound my chest and act like a total big shot… Didn’t do it then, not gonna start now.


I’ll lose followers/readers/subscribers, yes of course (being popular is all about acting like an infallible piece of da BIG CHEESE, which I most certainly am NOT), but fuck it anyway, at this point in my life/career, maybe it’s for the best that I first develop a “niche” following of a select few peeps who really get and wanna hear what I’m saying, after all…


No smoke and mirrors, razzle dazzle shit going on here…

Anyway, I’ve got some real estate stuff to take care of in the coming days, but as soon as I get the chance, it’s time to start the next Thank You Edition Newsletter.


Ya’ll on the list will get a fresh new copy, soon enough.


Thanks for all the support, well wishes, and encouragement.


Some day, for personal growth sake, yes, I should figure out and attempt to become more popular and strive to obtain (and retain) more readers… Yup, there will come a time when I should try and mix things up a bit (it’s really a good challenge for myself), but for the meanwhile, I’m most grateful for the hardcore followers that I do have who are on the Thank You Newsletter mailing list.


For those new to the scene and wanna learn more, here’s where to start.


So yeah, keep your eye on that inbox, you should have a new issue delivered sometime in the next few weeks…


World Class Tier 1 Assets trading at/near 52 week lows will be the main topic of discussion.


I’ll admit, I’m one of the more boring speculators out there, but I’ve seen far too many landmines blowing people up to have to think twice (or thrice) about being more cautious; mining is definitely NOT an easy game, and even when you do elect to focus on more “conservative” companies, just like the game of baseball, strikeouts are still too common and  just the way things go, a lot of the times…


Live and learn.


I’m just gonna try my best to provide readers with my own insights, for better or worse. If my work can help in any way, shape, or form, while also prompting you to do some more research and due diligence of your own, let’s not forget, then it’s all good.


Focusing on trying to add value to you readers, yup, I think, it’s a good approach for me to take. I got a lot of ground to cover as I attempt to make up for some lost time these past six months.


Cheers, ya’ll.


Fight On!

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