Hong Kong – Flight Booked for June 29, 2016


Ok, just kidding… The Next Chapter will now begin on June 29, 2016, when I bid “fare thee well” to Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, California, and the United States and say “hello” to infinite possibilities. First stop, Hong Kong, where I will be arriving on June 30.

Then the real fun begins…

Flight Info

I pushed my flight out, again… Now, instead of connecting from SFO to LAX to HKG, I’ve got a direct flight from SFO straight to HKG


So, I’ll STILL be around the Bay Area for another few days…


It’s been great getting the chance to meet some more readers, and other bloggers, just prior to my upcoming trip. In fact, here’s a shout out to Millennial Boss, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time this past Friday.


Yup, for sure I’m going to miss the Bay Area… But hopefully I’ll be able to connect with more readers and bloggers when I’m out exploring SE Asia… Actually, it’s also been pretty awesome to see the uptick of readers emanating from Australia and New Zealand in recent months. The ASX is the de facto powerhouse exchange for finding the best clean energy mining stock investments, so with my growing interest in that space, it was inevitable that I’d end up signing up for a HotCopper account and connecting with some of the posters on those forums. Gotta say, I really admire the passion the Aussies bring to the table, these folks are some real hardcore mining enthusiasts!


Thanks for tagging along, mates!


FI Fighter is going international! Haha, we shall see…


Anyway, I’ll be around the Bay Area for another two days… If anyone wants to meet up, send me an e-mail, or leave a comment below.


Fight On!

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Biglaw Investor

Let the good times begin!


That HK milk tea in Cathay business class – yummmmmm


Do you still plan to keep posting articles while abroad?


I’ve started following your blog earlier this year, great motivator especially since we’re from similar background. If you’re interested, we can sit down for a chat somewhere in Cupertino.


Will you be managing your SF properties on your own still while abroad?

Julie @ Millennial Boss

It was so great to meet you as well! Thank you for the shout out and best of luck on your new adventure!