My Hawaii Playlist (Still On My Mind…. Jam with Me!)


Today, I close escrow on Rental Property #5! Well, hopefully… It’s scheduled for closing at 1:00 PM. With that said, even after one month, I gotta confess that I still miss Hawaii! I’m now back in the swing of things, but my mind does drift from time to time, and it’s been tough for me to move on from Paradise!

Yesterday, I was driving to work, when I decided to pop in the Island Music CD I was listening to during my visit. It was given to me when I was in Maui… and it was the perfect soundtrack for driving through the Road to Hana. I hadn’t listened to it since yesterday… It’s so crazy how nostalgic music can make you feel!

Jam with me! Today is gonna be a great day. 🙂 Here are some of my favorite songs on the CD:

Three Plus – Honey Baby


UB40 – Bring Me Your Cup


Maoli – So Incredible


Big Mountain – Baby I Love Your Way


Kolohe Kai – Ehu Girl


Pohaku – Far Away

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Dave @ The New York Budget

Oh man! Great playlist.

Once a month I go to:

check out the charts and listen to the new stuff – can’t wait for summer!

Dave @ The New York Budget

P.S. Favorite Kolohe Kai song – Is This Love

Also, check out:

Awa – Home
Tenelle – Flava
Rebel Souljahz – Play Me Like a Fool
Iration – Time Bomb
Awa – Home
Common Kings – IDGAF
SOJA ft Collie Buddz – She Still Loves Me

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there!

6 years ago

Glad you got to close bro!

6 years ago

Big mountain… Love that song!

How about the Inner Circle – sweat “a la la la la long” song 🙂

6 years ago

You aren’t listening to any Iz? Every morning we woke up in Hawaii we had Iz White Sandy Beach playing. If you haven’t listened to him I highly suggest checking him out.