December 2018 – Final Month of a Very Tough and Tumultuous Year

2018 has been one of the tougher and more tumultuous years that I’ve had to deal with in my life, up to now. For the most part, things got off to a roaring start in the beginning of the year when pretty much all assets across the board were skyrocketing to new highs: clean energy stocks, general equities, real estate, and especially cryptocurrencies (which put TulipMania to shame). Shoot, even perpetually hated assets such as gold and silver weren’t faring too badly…

For myself, I started off 2018 in Manila (where I am now), and was feeling pretty good and content with life…

Fast-forward from January until now, and wow, so much has happened and so many things have gone wrong…

Where do I begin?

  • Mining stocks tanked.
  • Spot price of physical gold and silver plummeted.
  • Cryptos got annihilated.
  • Real Estate Investing gone horribly wrong; I lost my ass and nearly blew myself up in Shitcago.
  • Some friendships/relationships disintegrated.
  • I found out how shady/sleazy/cutthroat and even EVIL many businesses (and people) can be…
  • I lost a ton of readers, subscribers on this blog (this blog has pretty much never been as unfollowed and unpopular as it is today).
  • Etc.


In many regards, 2018 just wasn’t a very good year for me… It was certainly one filled with lots of pain… I mean, a lot of stuff that happened impacted me directly, but even the stuff surrounding me wasn’t all that positive… Furthermore, when I saw many folks closest to me (and many who I even barely knew, just surface-level relationships) going through immense hardships as well, it just felt like so much constant bad news after bad news…


When it rains, it pours…


For example, I wasn’t the only one suffering from the debacle that was Shitcago… not by a long shot.


So many sleepless nights, agony, misery, fear, panic, and just horrible shit that I had to go through to resolve that mess… for myself, and sometimes helping others, however I could…


I repeat — I wasn’t the only one…

It’s heartbreaking to say this, but I know of other people who suffered just as badly (if not more so) than myself out in Shitcago…

Getting comments like the following, you gotta be a heartless motherfucker to not care…

And many of these datapoints/stories, are stuff that will never see the light of day…

I mean, I still haven’t even disclosed my own story yet… and I have my reasons for needing to keep things close to the vest, for now… and I can’t speak at all for other people, but you know, everyone has their own reasons for staying muted…


As I dove deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, let’s just say I became completely disenchanted/jaded/frustrated with society as a whole and the horrible things so many people out there will be willing to do to get ahead in life…


It’s like, money rules everything, and people will gladly sell their soul to the devil to get ahead in this life…


Despicable acts that just really broke my heart… and made me lose a lot of faith in mankind and people in general… On some occasions, I just wanted to get away from everything and everyone… become a total hermit and live my life in isolation.


I won’t say I ever went through depression, but I certainly went through bouts where I was pretty fucked up in the head…


So, in many ways, 2018 forced me to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror, and I had to figure out just exactly what it is that I wanted for myself and in my own life…


Who am I as a person?

What do I stand for?

Who do I want to be?

How do I want to be remembered?

How will I be remembered?


With this blog, I’ve always wanted to just say things like I see it, and just give it to readers straight up, raw and direct…


My approach hasn’t really been so effective, and pretty much the decimation of this blog this year (in terms of losing readers) is another event that has given me pause and made me have to re-think and re-assess things… and how I do things…


Moving forward, I need to figure out a way to re-invent myself… Most importantly, I can’t let all the negativity break me, and I have to find a way to rise above all the bullshit and somehow put the appropriate actions in place to create a better future.


For myself.

For my loved ones.

For readers.

Even for people I don’t even know.


When I ramble ramble, a lot of times on this blog, I try to be most adamant/passionate/direct with many of my messages because I feel like now more than ever I need to do everything I can to spread certain “truths”… The “truth” is always gonna be subjective, but based on my own life experiences/lessons learned, I strongly feel like if I don’t stand for something, then this blog as a whole is fucking useless and a waste of everyone’s time (especially your time, the readers).


I gotta take a stand…


I’m never gonna be popular by being so “binary” in many ways, but again, after so much bullshit/lies/deceit that I’ve seen with my own eyes on how this fucking world really works and operates, I feel like I at least gotta do my part so I don’t have any regrets…


I gotta fight for what I believe in…


Do what I think is right…


I won’t always get everything right, but it’s like how that old saying goes, “If you can just help one person, then it’s all worth it.


So who knows? At the end of the day, I might just end up with zero subscribers (hah!), after all the dust is settled…


But no regrets…


Anyway, despite all that drama above, there were some silver linings this year, as well… In particular, I’m most grateful/happy that two awesome new people walked into my life this year, re-shaping many paradigms and providing me bridges that I can use to try and cultivate a better tomorrow. Further, I reconciled with someone who at one point in time I thought would vacate my life permanently… and now we’re closer than perhaps we’ve ever been before…


And of course, in all seriousness, I’m most grateful/thankful/appreciative for all the support, well wishes, and generosity of many loyal readers who have stuck by me through thick and thin… This means more to me than you’ll ever know…

And although it may not be apparent to you, trust me, I know exactly full well who you are!

And I’ll always remember… no matter what happens in the future.


Here’s to 2019, and I’m optimistic as can be that it will be a most spectacular and memorable year.


Life ain’t always easy, and I hope readers can appreciate hearing about the struggle, sometimes…



Fight On!

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1 year ago

Let’s focus on the end note (in bold) mate ???? What you’ve been experiencing is also part of life but believe me, with the right mindset, you will come out so much stronger in the mt/lt ????????

1 year ago

Ps. Those question marks are emoticons. A wink and a pound resp 🙂

Jay G
Jay G
1 year ago

Head up, Jay! The road is tough, no doubt. At the end of the day all we can do is give it our best shot and let the chips fall where they may. There will be massive up years and massive down years in the speculation game, it’s the nature of the beast. My only advice is to put yourself first and focus on your own health and well being. After that, everything external becomes easier to deal with.

1 year ago

Jay, What was the change in your net worth this year? This will help give readers idea of what you were talking about. Thanks

1 year ago

Hi Jay, Roughest year of my life this year, funny how everything happened all at once. Hust a few examples: My closest relationship, over Falling out with relatives Lost 200k in a private equity investment in Singapore Lost 35k in a deal in China Lost 70% of crypto value 45k investment with RealtyShares up in the air after they closed shop Lost over 2 million in Oct & Nov in the stock market Plus other stuff too personal to divulge So things could be worse 😀 Are you sure you didn’t lose readers just because you are posting a lot… Read more »

1 year ago

Nice update Jay.

Perhaps negative for some, but if folks to want to hear the usual bullshit of everything is fantastic, there is a a universe of blogs/books to choose from. It seems some people are probably searching for a Financially independent superstar who never presents himself as going through difficulty and thus something to look up to falsely, a well marketed infamous celebrity if you will.