GDXJ – Rebalancing Update (It’s Over!)

In the last update, I posted the high volume trading session we all saw from the GDXJ rebalancing act from last Friday. Despite the obvious, the transactions weren’t yet settled and we didn’t get to see the new holdings/allocation updated on the VanEck website.

Well, after market close today (6/19/17), GDXJ has now got this new list out for ya’ll.

And compared to last Friday (6/16/17).


And some select companies that I’ve been tracking for awhile now…

Today’s update (6/19/17).

Last Friday’s share count (6/16/17).


There you go!


The (shit)storm is FINALLY over…


But sentiment towards precious metals still remains in the toilet…


One step at a time, I guess…



The popular GDXJ ETF now looks even less like a “one-stop shop” product that is supposed to provide the passive investor a legit proxy into the world of “junior” gold mining stocks… No, this new GDXJ ETF looks more like a hybrid of: mid-tiers/large-cap producers… with a lot more emphasis on large-caps (e.g. $1 billion plus market caps) than before… GDX (the more senior gold ETF) gives investors something along the lines of: senior/large-cap/mid-tiers.


For those who want real exposure to junior mining stocks, you can:

A) Look someplace else.

B) Build your own junior mining ETF.



Fight On!

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