May 2012 Monthly Expenses

Another month without much news to report (a good thing). I kept my spending habits mostly in check this month, and did not splurge or indulge in many excesses. This is an improvement for me, as in previous months I had indulged in purchasing a new Ipod Nano and a snowboarding season pass for Winter 2012. The monthly savings target of net income is still to achieve greater than 70%. For this month, I saved ~ 75%, which exceeds this goal. Overall, I am pleased with staying the course and achieving a degree of consistency (so far, 5 months). 2012 is my first year of trying to maximize savings; so far, so good.

The food bill was a bit higher this month, as I ate out a bit more often. My family and I also celebrated Mother’s Day with a nice dinner, which I covered. It was of course totally worth it, as there are certain things in life you can’t put a price tag on. The goal is to be frugal, but still appreciate the simple things in life.

Gasoline expenses were also increased this month as I did more driving to work than walking. Also, I started my journey towards looking for a rental property to invest in. This involved driving around to many different parts of the city to inspect property. I am hoping to close a deal soon, as the routine of driving across town to check out houses is getting old fast 😉

Rent $750.00
Utilities $15.00
Internet $15.00
Food $209.47
Gas $118.55
Phone $50.00
Other / Fun $117.91
Total $1275.93
Expense Ratio 24.82%
Savings Ratio 75.18%


Here is an update on the dividends received this month:

Procter and Gamble (PG) $24.73
Total $24.73
Year to Date $128.41


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