April 2012 Monthly Expenses

As a result of over-indulging last month, I made a more conscious effort to step up my savings for this month. For starters, I ate out much less frequently, and subsisted on eating cheap, energy dense foods such as oatmeal, rice, and pasta. I also took advantage of the free drinks, sodas they offer at work, along with the free breakfast offerings. This was not as painful as it might seem, and I don’t feel any more deprived than usual.

Also, I saved up on my transportation costs, as I’ve been walking to work more frequently with the improved weather. As a result, I only had to fill up my gas tank once this month, as opposed to 2 or 3 times. This is becoming more of a routine as well.

Other expenses were kept low since there were no additional season passes purchased this month 😉 However, I did spend some money on the purchase of a new Ipod Nano. I lost my old Nano in the snow, and find it hard to jog without music. Other than that, a Smog check was the only other additional item of note. This was a relatively uneventful month, and thus there isn’t much to report. Just the way I like it!

Rent $750.00
Utilities $15.00
Internet $15.00
Food $175.33
Gas $59.44
Phone $50.00
Other / Fun $311.84
Total $1376.64
Expense Ratio 26.87%
Savings Ratio 73.13%


Here is an update on the dividends received this month:

Coca Cola Co (KO) $17.85
Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT) $9.94
Exelon Corporation(EXC) $4.81
Total $32.60


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Dividend Mantra
8 years ago

That’s a great month right there and eerily similar to my own income/expense report which I’ll be posting next week.

I see you started a journal over at ERE, that’s great! You’re only 27, which is one year younger than when I started saving/investing. That’s a head start on most people!

It seems you are aggressively pursuing financial independence. That’s fantastic. I hope your journey continues to go as well as it started.

Best wishes!