Lithium Update (June 13, 2019)

As it pertains to the lithium sector (and lithium stocks, in particular), it’s still a pretty listless market, on the whole…

From Bloomberg.

Most recently, I published an article on Seeking Alpha, which you can find here on Albemarle.

Although the above article is meant to cover an individual company (for the most part), it dives a bit into the supply/demand dynamic, and it’s got a lot of information I intended to bring together in an ebook… You can think of the Albemarle article as being a “mini e-book” since it’s about 1/10 (or maybe it’s 1/20) in length of the bigger project I’ve been working on in the background…

Anyway, it’s a rapidly evolving industry, but for anyone interested in lithium, I’d encourage you to take a look at the article.

Here’s the link again.

It all honestly, it does take a lot of time/research/effort to put out that type of content, so I hope readers find some value in it… I’ve actually had to kind of go on a break the last 1-2 weeks just to clear my mind and to step away from the computer for a bit… I’m exhausted.


You know how it goes…


Anyway, lots more content on your way… Just bear with me, as you know, health comes first and foremost, and I tend to burn out pretty easy these days.


Fight On!

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