Biking to Work


Today was Day 1 of biking to work. I had previously mentioned that I wanted to do something to supercharge my savings, and the most logical thing for me to do was to start using my road bike more. The weather out here in Northern California is starting to improve, and today was an especially nice day. Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the summer. I’m probably biking about 6 miles each way, or 12 miles total.

If I can reduce my time at the pump to once a month, that’ll be a huge victory in my book. Well, so far so good! The quest to save 80% net income each month continues!

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The Kechi One
7 years ago

Good choice! Biking to work will really change your outlook. It’s nice to ride in the morning and it really reduced my stress level at night. The benefits seem limitless and best of all its fun!