Bali – Fun in the Sun

Time for a change of scenery, I’m writing to you all from Bali now. After spending over 4 months in the Philippines, I thought I was due for a change of pace, but as usual per this time of year, I wanted to stay in warmer territories.

I’m still in the same timezone, though, so really not too much has changed at all… If anything, I’m probably more convinced than ever just how great the Philippines is for (cheaper) early FI… I’ll be happy to share details and discuss more about the Philippines in the future (hopefully there’s a lot of readers interested in this content. I’ve actually had a few meet ups in Manila with long-time readers and it was super duper awesome!). Really, I’ve got a ton of good things to say about the Philippines, and absolutely, the last 4 months have been AMAZING!

Anyway, with that said, here are some pics from the first two days in Bali…

I boarded an early morning 4 AM flight and got to Bali around 8 AM… Being super tired (didn’t sleep the whole night) and coming from Manila, you could say I really was surprised and NOT expecting to be hassled like crazy so much upon leaving the airport by so many aggressive taxi cab drivers looking for their next fare…

Like, I remember getting bugged a lot when I was in the Dominican Republic a few years back, but man, no way were they as persistent as the peeps who were going after me in Bali… It was kind of hysterical, actually, because no one was targeting my brother (who could easily pass as a local Indonesian, not to mention he even more easily passes as a local Filipino since he looks like a Victor Neri clone), but they all kept coming after me (I look like a straight-up China guy)…

My bro, “Victor Neri”…

Yours truly, “The China Guy” (ni hao!).

Yes, we’re both of Chinese descent, so yeah, no one get offended now… please…


Not to mention, the variation in prices between different people/companies/services for a taxi ride is insane…

One guy was offering us a ride to the hotel (about ~45 minutes away from the airport) for 200,000 IDR (~$14.31). The next guy was willing to come down to 150,000 IDR (~$10.73). We finally settled at 130,000 IDR (~$9.30).

Too tired to keep negotiating and being new to Bali without a SIM card ready-to-go, I had no internet access… and we didn’t know where the Blue Bird taxi stalls were located… and to my knowledge, it’s tough (impossible?) to book via Grab at the airport…

Speaking of internet, getting a SIM card loaded and good-to-go is nowhere near as easy/simple/straight-forward as in the Philippines… Apparently, at the airport the vendors there jack up prices 3-5x as well (go figure)… and these days, you’ve got to get your SIM registered correctly or a “fake” SIM will be prone to getting cut off at anytime… Although I don’t have a SIM just yet, I’m hearing from locals that you wanna stick to Telkomsel as that carrier has the widest/best cell coverage in the island.


I’m currently staying at this resort… in Canggu.

Been awhile since I had some legit fish…

Chicken sate…

Further, if you’re into GREEN food and vegetarian/vegan stuff, you’re likely going to be perceived by friends to be a total weirdo out in Manila (where meat rules supreme, especially fried chicken)… Not so in Bali, where fine dine vegetarian/vegan food is very easy to locate…


At Botanik Cafe.

These tempeh (soy product like tofu) tacos were super legit…

Breakfast smoothie bowl…

For getting around… Rented a motorbike for a whole month for around ~$60 USD. Original asking price was ~$120 USD… LMAO, actually, Bali would be perfect for folks like my mom and grandma (peeps skilled at scoring discounts when shopping around) to visit since they have been practicing the Art of Negotiating since their days growing up in Vietnam…

I’m digging these “warung” small shop restaurants.

Best meal I’ve had so far… Steamed snapper at Warung Cantina.

First time in Bali, so I’ve got lots to see and explore…

And for late-night cravings… Smash-N-Dash offers some pretty tasty hamburgers… Much better than any burger I ever had in the Philippines (not hating, just keeping it real, from my own experience)…

Nasi goreng (fried rice), with ayam goreng (fried chicken).

Mie goreng (fried noodles).

Food is generally very good here and affordable (cheaper than Manila, for starters). Even at “fancier” restaurants, it’s not too difficult finding meals for less than 100,000 IDR (~$7.15 USD).

With all that said, yup, I realize I’ve still got a lithium ebook to finish up… Lucky for me (I guess), lithium stocks are still trading in toilet territory, so there’s really no immediate rush to get this book out there… In many ways, I do know that releasing a big project like the aforementioned ebook in the depths of a brutal bear market has its pros/cons…


One major con is hardly anyone will be interested in reading your content when the assets you’re rambling on and on about aren’t going vertical (to da moon, Alice!).

On the pro side, a book such as the lithium ebook I’m working on offers speculators the most value when these assets are trading at firesale (shit) prices… It’s all about risk vs. reward, but very few investors/speculators that I’ve ever met in life understand this critically important concept…

Human natures says — Buy high and then bitch and moan when you lose serious $$$. 


But alas, I know I gotta get back to work and get this book out…

Most likely, I’ll be sticking around in Bali for 1-2 months.

In case you were wondering, yup, the internet is way way way faster here than in the Philippines… I’d say the internet connection I’ve got at the resort is at least 3-10x faster than what I would typically find in Manila… And you can forget about the obscure islands in the Philippines, the internet connection is nil way out in those parts (i.e. Guimaras Island, Camiguin Island, etc.).

Yes, it certainly is very HOT and HUMID out here in Bali right now! While many of my friends/family are freezing their asses off back home in the states, I’m still in shorts and flip flops, much the way I like it.


Hey, it’s early FI, do you and do what makes you happy.


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Looking forward to the ebook mate, make it really really detailed. I’m hoping it is the lithium bible for retail speculators. Also there are a shit ton of new articles coming out on a regular basis. Definitely worth reviewing the situation, and incorporating what you can into the book. No skipping on details please 🙂
(don’t cater for lazy people who don’t want to put in some effort for FI) LOL

1 year ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Great stuff and thanks for putting this together. It’s going to be a very useful guide especially whilst prices are in the dumps. All about risk/reward and lithium is one interesting area for sure if we can pick our companies well.

I’m sure you’ve learnt a lot too in this process as you start to summarise a lot of what you’ve read and learnt.

1 year ago

Also just wanted to say, don’t worry too much about time (albeit try and get it out in the bear market), more important that good info is relayed to everyone.

1 year ago

Thanks for the tips! I’ll be in Canggu in a couple of weeks.