Cebu – Plantation Bay (February 23, 2017)

I woke up early on Thursday morning in Cebu and couldn’t wait to get out there and explore! It was raining quite heavily throughout the night, but things had calmed down shortly after sunrise. For this day, I had plans to go out to Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

So far, I’ve noticed that every country that I’ve been to in Asia has its own unique form of preferred public transportation. In Hong Kong, it’s all about BMW.

No, not that BMW… but the following:

  • Bus
  • MTR (Mass Transit Railway)
  • Walk

In Vietnam, it was all about those $0.50-1.00 USD motorbike rides via Uber

In Cebu and the Philippines, it’s usually Grab (more popular than Uber here) and well, sort of the following…

My ride to Plantation Bay.

My family and I opted to get a Day Trip Pass at this most popular tourist destination spot… Plantation Bay.

The friendly front desk staff.

I had some time to settle in before they served lunch.

Speaking of lunch, it was included with the Day Trip Pass (about ~$50 USD per person)…

Don’t mind if I do… Plantation Bay Cream Soup (“clam chowder, but lighter”) to get started.

I ordered the Catalina Snapper… but they ran out of red snapper, so I settled for “white” snapper, hah…

My brother had “the big piece of chicken”.

Satiated, we finished off lunch in style with dessert… Italian Lemon Sorbet and Ice Cream with Fruits.

After lunch, I did what I love to do best… I found my beach.

It was a warm day and not too sunny, so that was kind of nice… I didn’t have to worry too much about sunscreen, and it was easy to fall asleep to the soothing waves.

While sipping on some fresh coconut water (hey, I ALWAYS said that I wanted to do this at some point during early FI)…

And don’t forget to grab a few bags of those delicious 7D Dried Mangoes

Walkway to the spa.

Arabian Nights, the current main attraction show at night… What an ad, it sure got my attention! 😉

We stuck around until dinner time… My brother and I played some air hockey (not really, but we attempted to during a rainstorm that emerged a few hours after lunch), chatted, relaxed, and chilled early FI style.

Then we feasted on the following for dinner, at the Fiji Restaurant, right next to the water.

Absolutely delicious.


And that was all folks… My first full day in Cebu, spent at Plantation Bay.


Warm weather. Cool breeze by the blue (and CRYSTAL CLEAR) water. Good food. Great company.


Early FI.


What more could you ask for?


I gotta say, today was a good day!


Fight On!

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3 years ago

Looks like quite a place. You two are really enjoying yourself and that warm weather sure looks enticing — esp when we are in the middle of winter here 🙂

Keep those pics coming!