Shake Shack and Real Estate Do Mix!

Recently, Shake Shack (a most popular American burger joint) has been expanding its presence into Asia, and about a year ago they debuted in Hong Kong…

From Eater.

Well lo and behold, just the other day, Shake Shack opened up its first restaurant in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila… and yes the line was ridiculous!

Check that out, above!

So, what does Shake Shack have to do with early FI, and more particularly Real Estate Investing?

Well, as readers may be aware, I’m someone who has dabbled quite a bit into REI in the past, and let’s just say I’ve learned a ton of things in the process…

Most important of them all (by far), is when it comes to REI, at least in my own humble opinion, when in doubt, the path of least resistance (i.e. do next to nothing and still make lots of $$$ down the road) is to stick to World Class Tier 1 locations.


  • For me, it worked out tremendously well in the Bay Area…
  • And not so well (I got totally REKT) in South Chicago (go figure)…


Live and learn (a lot)!


That’s why I’m NOT gun shy about investing/speculating into Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila… So many people I’ve spoken to describe BGC as being “a lot like an emerging/future Singapore.

Don’t take my word for it; I’ve never been to Singapore! But hey, to me that’s quite a compliment b/c when most people think of Singapore they associate it as being: shiny, nice, clean, safe, $$$.


So yeah, this post isn’t so much about Shake Shack as it is about validating the belief/theory that you wanna get involved in the regions of the world where there’s ALWAYS some kind of buzz/excitement going on about them…


Where the people wanna be…

Where the crowds are…

Where the $$$ is flowing into…


Oh yeah, and being a TOTALLY SAFE environment where kids are allowed to run around freely, is also an absolute MUST!!!


And as I’ve stated many times before in the past, whenever I describe my own personal experiences (especially as it pertains to REI), readers who have no interest/association with places like “Bay Area” or “BGC” should simply use these datapoints as placeholders… For your own unique situation, substitute in a place that pretty much resembles the same thing… and there you have it.


REI is a very location-specific type of phenomenon, but the logic/principles/strategies/etc. are all universal and can more or less be applied to wherever you are in the world.


Straight up and keeping things on the most real — I’ve seen/heard/witnessed way too many REI disaster stories from aspiring investors/speculators who blew themselves up and ruined their path to early FI chasing after total dogshit assets in the worst locations possible (e.g. South Chicago).

Truly, my heart goes out to you guys (many horror stories I know of first-hand but out of respect/confidentiality for the owner(s) involved, unfortunately, I can never share exact details on a public forum) and that’s one reason why I’m so adamant about preaching the message of sticking to World Class Tier 1 assets.

Nobody (even your worst enemy) should ever have to endure the following… This is real-life, heartbreaking shit to have to hear from anyone…


Listen, I understand if you’re well connected in the real estate world and can walk the streets hustling 24/7 trying to turn dogshit into actual gold (good luck, even then it’s NOT an easy task at all), but this blog is really trying to reach out to the retail investor/speculator out there who for the most part is swamped trying to make ends meet hustling away at a non-REI related full-time job… So, bandwidth is something that is far more limited and “buy, hold, go on auto-pilot” is likely gonna be the preferred strategy… If that’s you, in a nutshell, that’s who I’m reaching out and trying to talk to!

So yeah, chasing after “cash flow baby” (i.e. very high passive income/cash flow ROI numbers on paper) sounds all fine and dandy, but never forget that the devil’s in the details; there are seldom ever any free lunches out there! More times than not, I’ve only ever seen the “cash flow baby” strategy massively disappoint and underperform… For so many peeps, it’s “bye bye early FI… never gonna happen now”… unfortunately.


I’m NOT a smart guy, so I’m no longer chasing after cash flow yield, period!


Been there, done that, failed miserably, thank you, next!


Just give me the “best of the best” World Class Tier 1 properties, and I’ll gladly wait in line for Shake Shack and whatever next major big thing it is that’s gonna hit the market and get the masses all stirred up again…

Like Tiger Sugar, two hours waiting in line, in the heat…

All totally worth it!

After enough time & experience dabbling with REI, you reach a certain point… where that “eureka” moment hits you smack in the face.

Truly, there is a certain peace of mind (and pride) that comes with knowing that a location’s fast-progressing macro is making your micro investment/speculation continue to shine most brightly.

To hell with low/zero price appreciation real estate that is 99% of the time (or more) nothing but headaches, trouble, and major regret!


Stick with World Class Tier 1.


And let the good times roll!

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