Gold Strong (June 24, 2019)

Gold strong… $1,436/oz… Everyone talking about “wait for a pullback” now (and for awhile now) but hot daymmmmmnnnnn I ain’t ever seen anything like this ever before as it pertains to tracking the yellow metal…

I don’t even remember Brexit giving us a surge like this… Continuous FAT GREEN candlesticks…

Sometimes, you’re just at a lost for words, like I am right now…


I got nothing, really.

But I guess, if you’re well situated and already in the pet rock game, try and stay cool, collected, humble, and enjoy the ride up?!?

This type of thing really doesn’t happen that often for precious metals; this ain’t Bitcoin/cryptos…

Umm, also don’t forget to book juicy profits here and there and remember that nothing goes STRAIGHT UP hyperbolic… and that at some point, pullbacks/breathers/retracements/etc. are bound to happen.

Anyway, this type of move, in a nutshell, more or less explains why I like going the contrarian route and trying to get in before the crowds/masses/mainstream; the type of explosive gains that you can make to the upside are truly spectacular.

I don’t really play the larger cap producers (particularly the lower margin stuff; see some examples below) so much, but here’s what a “general overview” of what some of the industry bellwethers + “more leveraged” precious metals mining stocks have been looking/behaving like since June 1 (not even a full month yet).

Not easy, but hey, there it is… That’s what a turn in the mining sector can look like… the one time you’re actually right (out of a million)… and can get in before the “pop”…

Still super early days, if this is ummm really indeed the “next bull market” in precious metals; keep in mind, lil bro silver still hasn’t done jack… and is still mired below $16/oz (it was trading at over $20/oz back in summer 2016, for some context)…



Happy Hunting!

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