June 2013 Monthly Expenses


June was a pretty busy month for me. I got into contract for Rental Property #3 and was pretty swamped at work. As a result, I actually spent even less than I do on a normal month.


The regular expenses (rent, utilities, internet, etc.) were inline with expectations, so no surprises there. This month, I actually had to fill up on a tank of gas, which was a total bummer. I had gotten used to biking, and actually didn’t need to visit the gas station once in May. One visit every other month seems to be where I’m at right now. For those who are wondering how this is even possible, I should probably point out that I have friends and co-workers who love to drive! It’s not that I don’t offer to drive (except at work, since I bike now), but I often don’t need to. Most of my driving takes place when I go to the supermarket… so exciting, I know. 😉

As mentioned, work was intense this month. Lots of late nights and overall just busy, busy, busy. As a result, there was very little time to play.

No Play = No Money Spent.


This month must have set a record for least amount of money I’ve ever spent in the Other/Fun category.

However, the weather also has a lot to do with that. It’s been pretty sunny, for the most part, so I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor activities. This includes biking, hiking, and basketball.

Rental Properties

I renewed my insurance for Rental Property #1 this month. This came out to be around $24/month. Not too bad since I get a discount from the insurance company for also subscribing to their auto insurance. Rental Property #2 had no activities this month. I just sat back and collected the rent check. Just the way I like it! 🙂


To make tracking my savings and spending ratios less complicated, I’ve decided to just use the “personal expense” ratio. All I’m doing now is taking my own personal expenses and dividing by my work income. By using this approach, the savings numbers will be more constant since my work income shouldn’t fluctuate much from each month. This will give me a better indicator on how I’m doing on a monthly basis. For June, I saved 72.58% of my work income.

I’ve decided to not factor in rental income to the bottom line until the end of the year since the numbers are always erratic from month-to-month. For instance, I paid for rental insurance this month for the entire year for Rental Property #1. This result will significantly skew the net rental income. At the end of the year, I’ll tally all rental expenses and come up with the net operating income. This will be give me a true picture on how much cash flow I’m really bringing in each month, which is ultimately what I care most about.

Here is the complete breakdown. Next month should be more interesting since I’ll have Rental Property #3 expenses to account for.


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7 years ago

$1,149.32 in total spending for the month including rent is so awesome! That’s a bit more than $100 more than my mortgage payment…

That sucks about having to fill up your gas tank. I just filled up this past weekend and I may need to fill up again this month, but I sure hope not. I was doing so well in the winter with only filling up every other month and then lately, I’ve been filling up once or twice a month.

7 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

I hate physically pumping gas so much – an EV would be great for that!!

Dividend investing Martin

With a family of four it is impossible to meet that spending rate and savings rate. BUT, I am speeding up my debt elimination process and when and if successful, I will have roughly 5k annually available for investing! And all that will go towards my ROTH.

Good job man. Keep posting it often, because it makes me crazy and keeps me on track.

6 years ago

How do you get your utilities and internet fees so low?